1. We understand your concerns, so I wanted to share some background info on the deisgn decisions.

  2. 2022-04-28: after several prototypes in hand, we are almost ready to reveal​

  3. When your website is going to be up again? formdworks.com , right?

  4. It is not an apples-to-apples comparison - the price of the IC is shipping from the US warehouse. The early access price is for shipping from China.

  5. It’s very frustrating how they haven’t addressed IG Titanium IC will keep their priority for titanium release and also get a chance to switch to black at a later date if the color is canceled (which they alluded to you might happen).

  6. Unfortunately, we don't have any update on Titanium availability. Once we have some news, we will reach out to those with Titanium IC.

  7. Woke up 5am in the Morning in Germany, really tired and saw it is not open. Felt so sleep again and now all gone - a bit salty.

  8. Sorry to hear man. There is more next week.

  9. This is wrong, it was delayed for 12 mins.

  10. We have to program the machines and setup QC for *any change, so right now no more changes.

  11. No plans. V2 already has all the features you can pack in <10L already.

  12. Intel have finally announced their new CPUs but it looks like most of the Z690 mini-ITX motherboards have clearance issues with the C14S. According to Noctua’s compatibility list, this is the case for ASUS and Gigabyte boards. I haven’t found an MSI board in the list yet but it looks like the only motherboards that will accommodate the C14s are those from Asrock.

  13. ROG Z690-I should fit the C14S based on images. We have one on the way, so will confirm soon.

  14. oh hey it's wahaha himself! It's awesome to know that you and Necere are responsible for all the quality ITX cases we see in the market today, whether directly or indirectly. Anything you can share in terms of upcoming cases? How many cases are you currently involved in?

  15. a second poll as an update to the first one,

  16. It might be worth doing a revote with this new design.

  17. So what does that mean that the 3000 Strix will no longer be compatible? If so that would be a major bummer as that's the card I have.

  18. Def still compatible with 30XX ROG Strix GPU, I have it too, wouldn’t do that to you guys, come on!

  19. Seems like this Front Panel is divisive.

  20. That is not going to be from SSUPD. It is going to be from Ncase and Streamcom. It is definitely going to be more expensive and I highly doubt Ncase will launch it in my region. The Meshlicious took an entire year to be available in India. :(

  21. To my knowledge it was never available in France, I had to buy it in Germany. Maybe you'd have better luck trying to order from the main distributor in Asia

  22. Distributor is a tricky thing. This is also why we are working with Streacom to make it more available in EU.

  23. don't be so negative on the price

  24. Is the mesh top/bottom panel (front panel in vertical) only available in the reference version?

  25. Due to ongoing supply chain issue, we have decided to make the Mesh Top/Bottom Panel an accessory, to that end, it's compatible with all version of T1 V2.

  26. It doesn't look like many noctua coolers will fit new lga 1700 itx motherboards and the l9i is done. I might have to make that into a slightly worse AMD cooler in the future. The B660-i seems to fit the L12s. But for this case and the Dan C4 I think most people want the c14s to fit something. I'm not planning on any new builds and will likely stick my current AMD for a while. Asrock's compatibility is pending.

  27. Just remove the M.2 SSD cover on Z690-I and the C14S will fit.

  28. Have the tester units been sent out yet?

  29. *Some tester units were sent out starting August.

  30. "Due to various factors, we've decided not to order another M1 production run. This means the M1 is effectively end of life, and we will not have any more M1 cases or parts available to order. It's had a good eight year run, but evolving component requirements and shifts in the market have made it a less compelling option in recent times. We apologize to anyone who wasn't able to order an M1 before stock ran out. The decision not to reorder was only made recently, and was a difficult choice to come to.

  31. We updated the M1 announcement - Farewell M1 Classic

  32. Is the only difference between unibody and two tone is the color difference, right?

  33. This unit is not made by Enhance.

  34. Hey guys, we had a technical issue, I was away and apologies for not notifying you guys sooner.

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