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  1. I would love to be able to use these with my group! Generally we use whatever is available or on-hand, so to have some high quality stuff would help us get organized and have more fun than ever!

  2. Also tub brisket could be good. That can be found online.

  3. I’m very excited about this, if only to see the Bailiff fiddle with a Shure sticker live on camera.


  5. At far as comics go, Batman wrestled with this consistently. He wants to save Gotham, to rid it of evil, and while killing may fulfill the tenets of this oath, can he do it and be good still? I would mark Batman down for this oath instead of vengeance or something else because of the focus on justice and wanting to stamp evil out (“fighting the good fight”, as it might be put) rather than vengeance or revenge.

  6. I would posit that, yes, others are drawn in this style.

  7. I would love to play a mother onomancy wizard searching for a lost/kidnapped child. Taken but with a mom who can infuse words with power. GIVEAWAY

  8. Very short shorts and crabster could also be worthwhile.

  9. Do we know what the song is or where we can find it? I know Brennan used a particular website/software that had music he could use, but I don’t remember what it is.


  11. Do we know if there’s a way of watching the whole thing at any later time? I work that night and wouldn’t be able to start until a few hours after it starts.

  12. Generally Twitch will archive streams for a few weeks, but there is no official word.

  13. I sure hope so. I’ve watched the other live streams, either at the time, or watching later (especially the Tomb of Horrors overnight!). They don’t leave them up, which is just fine, yet it helps if they’re up for a week or two so people can catch up or join in later!

  14. Also context, Lou Wilson having to walk back his self-appointed Player’s Judge title and declaration with an almost Fabian falling apart level laugh.

  15. HELLO REGGIE YES WELCOME TO THE CLUB. We will never run out of places to randomly connect, will we? - Zack

  16. Griffin’s continued love of BDG always fills me with joy.

  17. You must be right. The Tik Tok video was filmed in MN. Not sure if in Crystal tho

  18. There ain’t many of them in MN. There’s the one in BC, but that’s right on a corner and would be louder than this.

  19. Have we actually seen her parents in the comics? If not, they may as well have this in canon too 🤔

  20. I think so? I remember her talking to Baz about family stuff and/or him meeting them?

  21. I could see that, but also wouldn't be surprised if he'd just made her that strong. She did have two divine hearts after all. I didn't have high hopes (well thought it was 50/50) until hardwon started laying down that damage. I definitely believe that Murph might have just made her that heard and we very well might have seen them fail.

  22. Murph is on his way to fight you. You know too much.

  23. This is obviously incredible science but the fact that you wrote "murph (a very dependable bottom)" SENT ME

  24. I love the details! Did having clues for random things written on his arms!

  25. The BoB has videos??? Please tell me where!!!

  26. Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave? Agree 100%. I want to like Cal, therefore Brendan has created him to be our destruction. Why WOULDN’T he be working for Ceresia?

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