1. What is it then , some sort of weird nickname ?

  2. Nah man you cant be serious lol his name is Alex. Culprit is his street name, no parent gives their kid the street name

  3. What’s wrong with Alex? Oh yea he dead , do they know who the culprit was ?

  4. Yanko is good but only got a handful of songs I can listen to over and over again. Suspects flow, delivery and beat choice is better imo

  5. Big mom imo. He says he isnt weak against fire but then gets blown way by momo

  6. Both arcs have shitty writing ngl and both habe highlights

  7. He made multiple songs from jail one with CB even who also recorded in jail

  8. Album is called fine line. KO is shown at a top of a circus scenery where artist try to balance on a rope. The cover shows him balancing between music and street life hence the name of the album. Now that he is locked up for suspicion of murder while recently taken music more seriously gives the whole idea more context

  9. UKL getting off drill rappers “beefing“ in Insta comments

  10. R6 x Dopey x PR SAD have a song if you dont know, its called tours and with Silent from 67

  11. With the end of wano Kanjuro and orochi dont seem like that bad of peoples to me

  12. Orochi gave defective smiles to a village of people who were starving because of him. He then wanted to execute a kid for laughing.

  13. I would say zeref but then again all it took was one normal fire punch to beat him

  14. You assume that when I say “don’t mock them” that that means “don’t challenge their beliefs” - which is wrong. I was specifically saying you’re not going to change their minds by making fun of them about their deeply held beliefs to their face. The only chance of changing minds is through thoughtful conversation, and even then it’s going to be a low return, still better than mocking.

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