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  1. Sauce: Miyajima Reiji's (The Mangaka of Rent a Girlfriend) new series "Children of the Shiunji Family"

  2. people still fucking suck at rule #1 lol.... read it. Easily linked source and you choose not to.

  3. hah, expecting sources in this subreddit, good joke.

  4. I want the artist :P so hot. And seems like they are fun based on posts and such. Good attitude.

  5. god I fucking hate reddit's image viewer, can these be found elsewhere? lol

  6. but she has been around longer than those two :O

  7. This subreddit doesn't do sourcing images or being good posters. Just karma whoring with images and reposting everything a million times :)

  8. this subreddit needs a "source images" rule lol.

  9. My favorite board/table top games are like Pandemic Legacy, Arkham Horror LCG, etc. It's super good. Would recommend for all (and Garnt especially since he said he prefers co-op).

  10. Oh shit.... that intro sure reinforces how dangerous the Dungeon is... actually, the whole episode was. Crazy how smart this new monster is compared to others

  11. So used to other bad posters, lol You are the sauce :P nice work, your art is amazing.

  12. I still love how Ainz just completes stumbling into success. And how his subordinates still overestimate him. But also how Ainz's actions do kinda unintentionally lead to what Demiurge actions prolly will be oof. Lol Cocytus. Shalltear can be quite cute. Also the relationship she and Aura have. Whooo new dwarven buddy.

  13. I love this show, wish it'd get another season :P

  14. everyone? What the fuck? lol. I have literally shat on him in the comments cause he's an archetype dull self insert "nice guy" and it's boring af and yet people got enraged over that fact. Prolly cause they got mad since they prolly self insert on him. Feels like I'm the only one that doesn't like him :P

  15. He's my least favorite character in any gacha I've ever played, lol. I fucking hate AmnesiaYuuki. Priconne would be better with a faceless protag at this point, at least then I don't have to force myself into a blatantly self-insert male lead.

  16. Yep, nothing more boring than a character without character in any story no matter their role or so lol. Apparently that upsets too much of this community :P

  17. Outta curiosity, were you cosplaying for any convention or so? :P

  18. I Cosplayed in pretty much any anime convention, rainbow gala, acg etc.. I only cosplay on Hong Kong exclusively tho(Β β€’Μ₯́ ˍ ‒̀ΰ₯‚Β )

  19. awww what a pity. Too bad not closer to my region of the world :P fun to see good cosplay out in Anime North or so. Or if I decide to make a trip to AX in a year (but mehh... it's gotten TOO big imo)

  20. and all sauceless, rule #1.... lol cause those are all possible sourced with saucenao if you spend the time and if you're gonna post, especially repost, source.

  21. Do you upload these somewhere better than Reddit cause Reddit's image viewer is garbo lol

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