1. Not regular water, minerals can damage it. Use distilled water. It's real cheap.

  2. I'm not medicated right now. And my best "medicine" is def workout. :)

  3. You will of course get a lot more volume. But having real stereo, instead of stereo from a single speaker makes it much better imo.

  4. Been waiting for someone to say this. I'm slowly becoming a dropshot main because of how fun the gamemode is, and now im a c2 stuck in dropshot d2, where lobbies consist of 2-4 gcs/ssls per game. I checked rltracker to see whats up and it turns out d3 is only the top 0.5% of players

  5. I didn't play for 3 years. When I was back I was diamond 3 in dropshot. Now I'm diamond 1 I think. I'm pretty sure I lost MMR even when I won games. It's so out of whack now! It really sucks, if you main Dropshot. Impossible to get champ rewards now.

  6. RL as a whole gets better every season. What is plat now would’ve been champ a few years ago. Especially with free to play is where 2s shifted to where it is now.

  7. I didn't play for 3 years. Back then I was C1 in the gamemodes I played. I'm now back for a few weeks, playing only solo in 3's, and I'm still C1 there. And C1 in 2's where the games are much easier than before, even though I never really played much 2's, and am much better at 3's. I only play 2's with a friend, and players in there in C1 are def worse than they used to be. Def some inflation going on over time. Since I could not possibly have gotten better not playing for 3 years. Also my friend I play 2's with, he is like plat in dropshot, even though we played that a lot together in the past. And he mains hoops, where he is also only plat. But in 2's he is C1 and have been C2.

  8. It's a numbers thing. Dropshot, snow day and 1s all have significantly less people playing but use the same MMR system. Therefor, the ranks get skewed over time.

  9. So the reason I could be C1 in other gamemodes back then was because there was more players and less "inflation" that has happened over time? I just think it's sad for people who main Dropshot for example. They have such a small chance of getting those bigger rewards.

  10. Exercise, cold showers, breathing exercises.

  11. I just made an eq using Rtings measurements. Imo it sounds better than the 3 most popular ones shared online. Using actual measurements and a target:

  12. Alt det crap der kommes i vores mad. For lidt bevægelse, og hvis nok bevægelse, så for ofte for statistisk. Noget medicin kan sgu også ofte gøre os syge på mange områder har jeg selv erfaret.

  13. Mom likes to party! Hope dad doesn't see this!

  14. I'm not into closed backs, so haven't tried many. But the DT 770 sounded pretty good to me. And man, those pads! Stock top of the head makes my head hurt though, but easily bought top pad from Sennheiser glued on top and it's fixed. It might nokk look til great, but I've used this on several headphones.

  15. Otto. I guess that's a name. But names are also words.

  16. Thanks for sharing, by far the best settings I’ve found. I was actually just using the preset “signature” for a while and had no idea how awful it sounds in comparison to what was possible with the custom EQ, I’m clearly not an audiophile but back to back it’s like a night and day difference. The only thing I changed is I lowered the bass a bit (80 +4) as it was a bit boomy to my ear, but that could just be me or my room acoustics. Either way it now sounds 100X better now 👍

  17. Awesome you like it. Yeah I also had the need to do a bit lower on the bass. Simply because the bass is too boomy close to walls, and also because of the speaker capability. So I have it at +5 I think for 80hz. :)

  18. Good character. But def not the best in the show. Person didn't have enough screen time or development to be the best.

  19. I know someone who has a micropenis. He is very successful. Funny thing though, he is a fucking dick! Not a very nice person. So perhaps the bigger your dick, the nicer you are. Using my massive one person data I have. Very correct!

  20. Koss Porta Pro. In love with music again!

  21. At least you can often hit the ball up high. Took me a while to be able to. It just takes time. It's a game that usually takes a bit of time to somewhat master. Pretty steap mechanical learning curve. But so much fun nomather what level you are at.

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