1. Holy shot this props perfect !! Howd you make it ??

  2. All Eva foam and PVC with an MDF board as the core

  3. It’s all hand made with PVC and EVA foam

  4. this is so fucking cool wtf do u have another social media u post these on

  5. Visguard on Instagram!!!!!! And thank you!!!!

  6. Fuckin sick. Is there anywhere you post your cosplays where I can follow?

  7. Woah :0 this looks super cool, how did you do the effect?

  8. Long exposure technique, had jade stand still for like 10-13 seconds and I ran behind with a PVC pipe covered in LEDs. This how the effect turns out!

  9. Ooo hella fast reply, I thought it might be something like that, it'd be super funny to see a behind the scenes with you just running around with a green light lmfao

  10. Yeah, pretty much this panicked run while swinging the pipe around like a lightsaber to get the effect, quite humorous lmao. Hard for the model not to crack up while doing it

  11. Is that an '86 or a '92 Winchester? I'm putting my money on it being an '86 due to the 45-70 in your bandolier.

  12. Yeah it’s an old Winchester 1892 30-30

  13. What did you use to make the armor? I've been trying to find out how to make good armor for a while

  14. Very cool, reminds me of the Hylian shield from Zelda, was that the inspiration or is it a modified version?

  15. Very inspired, always like the shape and trim on it!

  16. that’s cool as hell! what materials did you use?

  17. A combination of MDF board for the base, EVA foam, metal pipe and wire!

  18. Did the original have those Charlie Brown stickers?

  19. Yup they came off of a Charlie Brown snow cone machine

  20. This is one of the best things I’ve seen

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