1. There was a change to BS ammo i believe. OnePeg may have a video on Youtube about it

  2. TBH I wouldn't mind GP coins being a defacto barter, kind of like John Wick style assassin deal.

  3. It's a cool idea but I don't want to pay a GP for "that buttstock I need for Gunsmith Part eleventy-one" and I wouldn't want to try and figure out how many buttstocks + cans of peaches + weapon parts + half-eaten cheese I need to put together for 1 GP

  4. The thing about currency is everyone has a lot of it; I don't think there is enough of any one other item (except maybe "bullets" as a blanket category, but we all know that not all bullets are created equal) that it could be substituted for money as the default currency.

  5. Yeah, this is a good idea, and they've kind of started experimenting in this space with the new CALOK-B craft - Pile of Meds + CALOK (any condition) gives you a new 3 use CALOK. I hope they add more of these types of crafts in the future

  6. I just run the middle with the chopper on reserve, haven’t had much luck in the buildings except for the roofs tbh

  7. White Knight in particular has been really good for me - Jackets, Filing Cabinets, a computer, and a TON of gun parts with a few other things sprinkled through. Well worth figuring it out.

  8. Nope you right. A different gasblock got moved to mechanic 1 in its place but it’s worse.

  9. Can confirm the blurriness although I haven't played around with it much yet. I turned it off last night as it was making things at distance hard to see

  10. Really said in 1 raid? Or just in raid? I mean I don't deny it wouldn't surprise me.

  11. Yeah, it appears that all the "category" tasks (Meds, Food, Weapon s, Clothing etc) are all in one raid. Ones that are a specific item or items don't need to be all in one raid

  12. The BEAR's watch works, remember that Tarkov time is 7x normal time so if you have 30 IRL minutes left in the raid, add 3.5 hours to the time on the watch

  13. Honestly that’s not impossible if ur running interchange and rushing tech stores which are not that contested. However the 70 I saw from a level 9. That’s something else.

  14. Level 9 on the flea? If not, how did you see 70 GPU's?

  15. I have noticed that it carries on for quite some time, but I haven't noticed that it doesn't stop at all

  16. Yeah, I'm picking they upped the spawns to compensate but obv we need more data

  17. How is it not? I'm pretty sure it two taps it unless it was nerfed recently

  18. M80 goes straight through Level 4 armour; it has 41 pen. At longer ranges the chance to pen may drop below 100% but even at 200m it'll still go through the vast majority of the time. OP is right, it'll 2 tap to a torso with L4 or less armour

  19. I have read here that the only benefit to Scav Rep over 6 is that the time for the Scav Case Hideout upgrade continues to go down (even though it states in other places that it doesn't)

  20. Have you ever been outside during heavy rain?

  21. I absolutely LOVE THE RAIN especially the mega storms omg they fill me with joy. Makes the game so much more interesting and can turn any raid into a sneaky creepy raid in seconds

  22. $150 is a lot of money my dude, if youre paying a $150 product, its expected for that person to get a $150 deal.

  23. Divide your $150 by hours played and tell me you didn't get a deal

  24. I'm still new(ish), but the number of times I've seen a scav and POSITIVELY 100% identified it as a player scav, only for it to turn out to be AI, is a lot higher this wipe.

  25. You do you - sounds like you got a solid plan there, and it's working for you

  26. I was in the little tin shed at Checkpoint on Woods and three scavs spawned around me while I was looting the filing cabinet there. Made for an exciting exit

  27. I draw a middle finger with the trash I am swapping out

  28. I found one at the front of the tent in between Attachment Cabin and Sawmill on Woods (known in my circles, funnily enough, as "Flash Drive Tent"). But that's the only one I've seen this wipe so far.

  29. I picked one out of a weapon box on Reserve; it's not just me and the 1x/alternate sight on that thing is just plain unusable, right? (Which may well be true IRL as well, I have no idea)

  30. I've checked. At least seven times. Either I can't read and enter the wrong room, with the wrong brown jacket, or it's a conspiracy theory.

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