1. The experiences I've had with Griffin products have been good, and the experiences I have had with Griffin customer experience have been good. That being said, the Griffin Armament management team is not known for their good PR decision making skills.

  2. Same, I have a few griffin products and they’ve all been great, but the owners and their PR team have definitely shot them selves in the foot on numerous occasions. Their marketing isn’t the greatest either

  3. Upgraded sams with their specialty commander is hard to beat.

  4. Can you tell me who the Sam commander is? I haven't unlocked them yet.

  5. I did some work on a guys house and he had lots of Nazi memorabilia, so I ended up fucking his wife in his bed

  6. It’s higher than it should be, but your chances of dying as a distracted driver in the US is far higher than being killed in a mass shooting in the US.

  7. Some states take a huge chunk of the day to drive through.

  8. That’s more than a cosmetic flaw. I usually chuckle a little with some of the small dings and nicks that people complain about, this however is a structural flaw and I would absolutely not be okay with it.

  9. Women absolutely have a privilege over men in the US. Spend 2 minutes in divorce/family court and it’s wildly apparent. It’s even codified into law with examples such as the Violence Against Women Act.

  10. I’d love to find a rifle like that in the rack. Plus the 6940’s are incredibly accurate rifles. Great score

  11. Glock is the golden standard of striker fired pistols. Are there better options? Maybe, but there’s definitely worse. Sure every few years you hear there’s a new Glock killer… that doesn’t kill the Glock.

  12. Where’s the option for money laundering politicians and industrial war complex winning?

  13. M4 scout has become my go to. The vhs2 is great, the arx200 packs a punch, the 4-AC is like a laser gun. For snipers the SR-1 has the least drop and will one shot any bad guy besides the heavies.

  14. Titanium loses so much strength when it hits temps that are easily obtained with a few mag dumps of 5.56 vs almost double the working temp range of inconel 718. Ti is great for low rof guns such as bolt guns, it’s far from my first choice for a semi auto, especially if you’re dumping rounds in quick fashion.

  15. As long as by "free" you mean taxing the rich and creating a really good welfare system then I agree.

  16. I’d rather have the rich implement a free market welfare plan over government intervention. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from contracting with the gov is if you want the project to take longer, be less efficient, and cost a hell of a lot more then involve them.

  17. If everything I needed to live (food, shelter, health care) was available for ‘free’ then why would anyone work?

  18. I really like that, has an atacs feel to it. Well done

  19. I have an AR10 lower that will probably end up looking something like this....

  20. Do it! I think a bigger brother variant of this may be my next build

  21. I really like it. If you do ever put a can on it, you'll learn a 20" dmr with a can is one of the most polite things you can shoot.

  22. Thank you. Yeah it’ll get a can eventually, just not sure which one.

  23. I mean my stumjumper evo comp purchased in 2021 has been such an amazing bike for* me with no proprietary bullshit and I was able to get the sworks frame without the crazy price of one. Everyone started copying the SWAT tech because it’s just a no brainer mod to make to frames. I would still love a yeti though lol

  24. I bought a 22 stumpy evo this year and I freaking love that bike, I don’t get the hate besides maybe the price but I got it for a killer deal

  25. If you do the Faction missions they credits add up quick

  26. Flow by far, not even a close comparison

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