1. Is a somewhat underutilized class. It's main issue is mobility. This is not a bad tank class and units with low dex rates but strong strength and bulk can look at this class as garunteed offense but mobility is crucial for a tank. Even with the reduced movement, keeping up with your cavalry is crucial. There aren't that many footed units that want to be in melee range, so triggering pincers is tricky. Your best combo would be to have 1 or 2 warriors be the trigger point for them. Stat wise, the class is good but isn't much of a stat fixer class, which means your running it for the class skill.

  2. The big question is how usable is this compared to a thoron focused sage. The high range + guaranteed hit with their skill is the big draw but some glaring weaknesses (no mobility, no close range capability, armor speed, need of a decent mag stat). I will say that it does help eliminate the need to farm the olwen S ring (dire thunder) to make citrinne viable. Just run her in this and it does roughly the same thing in the late game (mid game dire thunder is still more viable). Also because of the ammo restriction, pairing this with convoy access in some way will be very important.

  3. I'd say Citrinne is viable even without Olwen if you use her with Veronica. All she needs is Hold out, and with 1 hp she shall one shot almost anyone with thoron. Reprisal is amazing. Also +3 levels and ability to freeze, summoning, the best healing staff...omg Veronica is literally OP

  4. Sorry viable is exaggerated. I just mean this class actually helps her out a lot in a similar way the olwen S thunder into radiant bow warrior/thoron sage build would do for her.

  5. Ngl ivy without all the extra is so much better. But that's just me liking simpler anesthetics.

  6. While I understand civility and not harrasing players, we as fans have no obligations to sugarcoat results. The fact is the teams way below their own individual performances and letting it go while the org is literally self imploding and letting go key staff just to keep afloat is pretty ludicrous. These are athletes and online personalities, they'll have to adapt to pressure and honestly harassment. If fans make known they're trash, suck it up and take it; because they also would have taken the praise.

  7. Try them in a new run. I've already done 3 separate runs and have used all units till the end. Now I'll do this last run aiming to use every unit (Imma be dead broke) and then use that run to complete the xenolouge which assuming it would work like ashen wolves, will unlock all the dlc units and classes on a main playthrough which will be my "100 percent" run.

  8. He ended up pretty ok until the last 3 chapters. He was capable of ohkoing everything he faced except dragons and griffin knights. I will admit I fed him every spirit dust I got but he still ended up around 29 mag and 26 strength by the time we were at final boss. Also his personal skill helped damage a lot during mid game (ch 12-16). It tended to be the threshold breaker. Will admit it's more meme than consistent but it was a fun romp.

  9. Funny thing is it's a meme build that's been spread across the serenas forest community. Mainly cuz some ppl wanted a "dead" unit in their rotation

  10. Oh, a endgame Vander user. Why are there so few of us?

  11. Because his fall off is so harsh. It's not even his damage, it's just that the man always misses.

  12. Lapis falls into two categories. Dodge tank or speedy offense. To best use the former, build her griffin and put roy on her for those moments you need that extra punch. An alternative is to go wolf knight and grab lucina. Dagger forges can really help her low strength and she should be able to get enough sp before ch 10 to get canter with her base 500 (will require priority). If you want to go the latter, get her lance profficency and go wyvern with roy or marth

  13. For me she worked pretty well on wyvern duty. She has decent strength speed and res stats. She might actually make for a decent griffin knight too.

  14. Eh imo with how complex engage characters are I think 14 is plenty- honestly I was happy with 12. I didn’t like all the force deployed characters though. Doing 15-18 like on the GBA and tellius games would be too much with how much engage has going on

  15. The problem is that we only get 14 by the end and honestly all of the maps with the full size roster emphasize splitting your party. There's no "big" map in Engage that just let's you go 1 on 1 with your full cast. The best version of that was ch 17.

  16. He's needing to be babied but can do work if you do. I benched him for two runs and on the third run I knew I was going to use him as I wanted to main everyone at least once. He started out rough but then I decided to give him marth. Mainly as a way for him to answer armors and get some much needed speed. As soon as I did that, he was taking over maps. Mind you I have been specifically feeding only him, alear, Jean, or celine exp up to ch 7 as they were the only early game units I haven't used yet. Now that I have alcryst Amber buret and fogato and no marth, we'll see how he holds up.

  17. Every player who doesn’t marry Alfred is a goddamn murderer.

  18. So basically Marianne. What is up with IS and making a characters survival solely based on whether I use them or not.

  19. Not sure about maddening but on hard the bosses are easy to figure out. They stay stationary except for griss hyacinth and veyle. Hyacinth and veyle will move after killing 3 of the hounds. Bait griss to warp ragnarok on a unit with hight res (griffin knights, hortensias personal, or high priests come to mind) and just aoe them down with physical dps. As for Marni, move your casters and your byleth user to her. The main idea is to one round each boss as the game gives you enough space to do so. Also lyn is a godsend for this map due to the double clones making the bosses aggro focus on them instead of ur units

  20. So just watched faergast talk about the massive boosts supports get. Now that really changes how I want to build my team.

  21. Wolf knight with lucina. Still allows her to be a dodge tank, knives have great might when forged and since shell always double, it'll do good dps. Lucina also allows you to apply poison on chain attacks.

  22. Any general tips for thinking about wolf knights? The class looks badass but losing the Covert typing on Zelkov or Yunaka for example seems less than ideal.

  23. Treat them like a more mobile bow user. Hit and runs with canter and hobble create a lot of space. Lucina is very good on them due to getting poison Chai attacks, and it frees your thief or alear to hold corrin. They also have decent dex so crit builds are ok.

  24. Saphir. Just seems like a bland variant of the veteran for hire. At least Lindon is a quirky madman.

  25. Have had good experience with wolf knight lapis. Giving her miciah dagger and pairing her with lucina is really good. Her dodge is good enough were she doesn't need to park on an avoid tile, knives tend to get higher value than sword due to always hitting twice, getting 2 might on almost every forge and applying poison. Lucina allows her to stack poison via chain attack and bond shield will basically make 4 other middling to fast characters immune to damage for a turn.

  26. Not gonna count lythos until dlc so you can just do a lythos + gradlon run. Also assuming sedall is a +1 allowed but if not, glhf.

  27. I can vouch for Chloe as Martial Master. It was amazing damage and utility. Used her like this in my first Maddening run.

  28. Then I guess for a second run try her high priest with byleth. Still gets the brave utility from fistsbut gets magic and with byleth shell become a great snipe chipper. Her high hp rates means you'll probably hp cap her by her second second seal.

  29. Picking both! Playing my maddening run rn after going through hard!

  30. Hector is apparently a God send for him. Quick riposte fixes a lot of his issues

  31. Favorite story map: ch 17. It feels the most epic match up we can get against the hounds and strategically feels the most fair. Map is good and spacious, rewarding splitting up (something this game doesn't doo until way into the late game).

  32. I feel like many people here is missing out on the real boon of Boucheron -- his Bld. He has so much Bld as an axe user which works perfect on him as Axes are some of the heaviest weapons in the game that comes with a lot of Mt.

  33. Or get him mage profficency and watch him double elfires and bolungese. Yes he doesn't get enough magic to one shot, but he gets enough to two shot and with his good spd and build he'll always double. Compared to most mages that get more mag but low speed, Bouch is more effective. And he'll have bulk so you don't have to baby him in the back. Legitimately only ivy, a reclassed Anna, and clanne would do more. Maybe a reclassed Lindon and a dire thunder user could compare, but bouchs availability makes him more valuable.

  34. Imma say Boucheron is a unit that needs tlc. He makes a fine warrior but I actually found his bets class as a mage knight. Good bulk, great speed, good dex and while he only has the mage class magic stat, you get enough spirit dust to feed him that it gets up to par with his offense. Add in chaos style, he's a doubling machine that can actually take a hit.

  35. I found that she makes a good martial master, able to get to the speed cap quickly and get their offense. Is she better on a flier, definitely. But I already built merrin as as apeg knight and had Jade as a wyvern. Didn't feel like overdoing fliers so to Martial master she went.

  36. Haha for sure. I was like “oh, this is who he really is…”

  37. Warrior is his overall best class as it gives him backup potential, helps make use of his 85 hp growth and gives him good Def. He's kind of a crit based unit with a decent dex and good speed growth. There's also an off build I and a few others were able to make work, though it requires a bit of tlc.

  38. Honestly he's been an mvp on my run. I will admit I built him very different to his norm but he can be really effective if you know what to build.

  39. I'm slowly making my way through my first playthrough (hard) and I'm on chapter 20. Louis is a general and he's ok. Not as much as a monster as early game. I can't reliably send him into enemies, even sword users, and expect him to live anymore.

  40. I liked his ivy supports overall. As far as I can tell the us interpretation for louis is that he's kinda the ike-man trope from anime. The suave type who is sophisticated which apparently is a big (but necessary) swerve from his jp characterization

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