1. Once you've "seen" you can't un-see. Many purposefully stay blind, as if ignorance will protect them. It is hard to watch this, but it can be done with compassion, while at the same time not getting dragged into their (self made) hell. Those that made the "wrong choice" will have to come back here again and be given a new chance by choosing again. So don't grieve such "loss" as there really isn't any. Only bodies die; we don't. So from that point of view, there is nothing to fear. Once started on the path of awakening, you must continue. You can't stop, as each revelation will add further questions. There will be discomfort until you find answers: thus you must seek. "Seek and you shall find." Think of the discomfort as a teaching aid for children. And we all are such children here. Our only job is to gain enlightenment enough to leave. Those that are sitting in their ignorance are only deluding themselves that they are fine. Which they obviously aren't according to your post. So you must ask yourself if you would want to be in their position or in yours. I know which I would choose, regardless of the price.

  2. Thank you for your response. Part of what I’m dealing with specifically is that the person I wanted to spend my life with/have kids with went and got tripple v’d (so did my parents and they both became totally injured). I don’t want any trolling comments about this, btw. If you haven’t done the research to understand the risks, that’s your own issue. I will not respond to comments about how the v is “safe and effective”. I’m upset because I can’t be intimate with him now (it’s transmitted) and because I can’t have kids with him. I warned him a ton before he got it and even put together a 9 page document with evidence of the dangers and he went and did it anyway. From my understanding it’s similar getting/spreading HIV.

  3. You can certainly be compassionate towards him, but someone who won't listen to proven scientific reason(s) is probably not someone you want to have a trusted relationship with. Personally, that would be a deal breaker with me (or divorce grounds). And yes, they have admitted that you may be HIV positive after getting the "stuff." They have also admitted to the "shedding" issue, so there is nothing to debate there. To me it all comes down the a question of morality and respect. You have a VERY valid position, which more and more scientific evidence is coming out to support. If that cannot be respected then I would wonder in what other areas there is lack of respect. You have probably dodged a bullet IMHO. At the very least you MUST respect yourself and NOT accept any gaslighting from anyone. We are all created equal and valuable by "The Source" (or whatever). The opposite of this is slavery: which is what the injectors are trying to push with their evil agenda. There are many of us of strong moral fiber that have shown we will stand against evil, even if it attacks us via friends and family. There are others in various subs like

  4. I think a list of all Nazi attributes & techniques would do nicely here. No need to think about it as the coNvidians were just following the well worn Nazi playbook to the letter.

  5. About 30% will never recover from the "mass formation psychosis." Best just leave 'em all out in some pasture somewhere to slowly die off, while the sane people live in the real world.

  6. When someone says "mandatory" to me, I say "f..k off!"

  7. You might need something to diagnose what is happening with your MIDI devices ..

  8. I've had instances (in Platinum) where a project crashes at some point (or won't load). I revert back to the previous save version and redo the changes and it all works fine. I save often using updated version numbers save001, save002, save003 etc. Sometimes I have 70 saves! But I find that when it gets "upset" over something, it is best just to revert to a working save. It is not just Cakewalk, but most other software that can do this. The motto is to save and save often using incrementing version numbers.

  9. It's not a cult... truly it's not.....

  10. You are wise to question everything. This reality is based on lies. Even physics tells us that atoms may not even be matter but energy. You should accept nothing but proof: which both religion and (so called) "science" have failed to provide. Personal proof is the only thing that can satisfy. Then you will not "believe" but you will know. I have had my "proof" but I cannot expect anyone to believe as it was so different to anything one would expect. You are also correct in saying "psyop" because it is well documented that the CIA (and FBI?) were manipulating the "new age" movement. However, that manipulation was designed to ridicule the whole thing and stop people from seeking in that area so as to remain prisoners here. Because of my experiences, I believe that the (non religious) Jesus message on how to escape is accurate. "Seek and ye shall find" is also accurate.

  11. I'm interested in hearing about your experience as I have one of my own which I feel would be hard to believe to the average person.

  12. Everything I describe is *literal* but completely unbelievable to those that have not experienced such things. They write it all off as "delusions" or "dreams." I would have done the same thing had I not experienced.

  13. It is time that people refused to pay for stuff that uses draconian copy protection. All of a sudden you can't open a project because the dongle doesn't work or the "phone home" doesn't work or the company went bust. This is why people may think about resorting to getting their stuff via "other methods." There are also now loads of free VSTs around. You cannot risk being held to ransom for using something that you paid good money for but can no longer use because of something that is not your fault. Computer games are also having such issues where older games no longer work because the company switched off the activation servers. Tapes from many decades ago still play if you attend to the oxide shedding and can find the appropriate hardware. But sessions from a few years ago can't be loaded because the subscription lapsed etc. This is obsolescence on steroids and a very slippery slope.

  14. Right on! I have ilok 1st Gen which won't recognize the newer plugins requiring Gen 2 or 3. I've actually contacted the companies requiring gen2+3 ilok and told them I'm boycotting them unless they buy me a usable ilok. I've complained to ilok but they are too busy selling their garbage services and products to care.

  15. It is this type of disgusting software DRM that makes people seek "other methods." They are effectively saying that it is only *they* that can dictate when/where/how you can use the software. Boycotting such disgusting practices is the only thing to do.

  16. "safe and effective" ... there is something big going on with lots of people worldwide.... wonder what it could be 🤔

  17. For sure, but I’m not vaxxed and am affected.

  18. People on twitter report that interacting with [email protected] partners have given them various problems. The official pFraudzer docs specifically talk about "shedding".

  19. In Victoria, Dan's Gestapo were breaking down the doors of people posting on social media. The surveillance was happening globally.

  20. There is suspicion that other holy injections may contribute to the condition. Drugs of ALL types play heavily in this disease. Some people have a genetic switch just waiting for some substance to trigger it. Abstinence is virtuous.

  21. This problem is a pain (in any DAW). I sketch out a song on a laptop as far as I can, then when it starts clicking, I switch to a beefier box. For recording/tracking I NEVER use a laptop as I've had far too many problems in the past due to power reduction stuff. There is no getting around the fact that at some stage you need to throw more CPU power at a mix. Where I am, electricity prices are an issue so I use multiple machines at different stages of the process. Turning FX off and freezing might be fine, but at some stage you are going to have to mix and master the final thing in its fullness. Luckily the DAW is free, so you only have electricity & hardware costs (and maybe VST). Also, stick with windows 7 for as long as you can as it has FAR less bloat than subsequent versions.

  22. Not forgetting Trump's "warp speed" development of the holy elixir. All sorts of new data is coming out about the effects of the sacred baptism, especially on twitter. Strangely a lot of prophets spruiking the sacred jabs have quietened down recently. I wonder what they could know about future developments? Those that hitch their horse to that little red wagon might want to rethink, Trump included. It may become a holy albatross around his neck. And slinging such mud at DeSantis might just come flying back.

  23. I remember that he was [almost] saying to "machine gun" the purebloods in the streets. I have no interest or respect on what that evil person says. He has clearly chosen his side, and it's not the side that I am on. No amount of sophistry can wallpaper over the arrogant self-righteous Nazi hatred he has of fundamental human rights.

  24. The video is hilarious, well worth a view. It's all over twitter.

  25. And the sheep will just lap it all up as they always have.

  26. I seem to remember a certain group wanting to literally kill those who didn't subscribe to the most holy narrative. I also seem to remember lots of accounts being suddenly cancelled/deleted/banned/quarantined/silenced. I seem to remember Gestapo thugs bashing peoples doors down (in victoria australia) for posting on social media. I seem to remember the media & govt demonizing those not sprouting the prescribed orthodoxy. I seem to remember gestapo firing rubber bullets at people peacefully protesting. I seem to remember a lot more than that as well. So satire or not, it highlights the insanity of the "saints" demanding jabs.

  27. They are still demanding jabbifications in countries like canada and australia. Many sacked professionals still complaining on twitter that they can't get their jobs back. I think that they may actually want the medical system to totally collapse as staff get sicker and sicker from the injections.

  28. The stupid linking to users ban is preventing me from using the savevideo bot.

  29. It's normal. Kids dropping dead for no apparent reason has always happened. And having defibrillators on every street corner has always been necessary. Nothing to see here. SaFe AnD eFfEcTiVe.....

  30. I've read the subreddit escaping prison planet - and I'm afraid karma etc may not exist here at all

  31. "Karma" exists in the form of : you attract unto yourself vibrations like the ones you give out : thus the law of attraction. It is similar to "where you heart is so is your treasure" or the law of "cause and effect." An example: if you were a rapist in one life, you will have attached yourself to the "rape scenario" and will feel a very strong urge to come back (reincarnate) as a victim of a rapist. Nothing will compel you as such, but experiencing both sides of the coin will become a powerful attractant. Therefore disinterested interaction with everything here would loosen such bonds. I believe some are stuck flipping the same old coin over and over again, lifetime after lifetime. That "coin" is usually "richness vs. poorness." So it is not the the traditional "punishment" version of "Karma" that I believe in.

  32. escaping prison planet is darker - we are being held here by the archons who masquerade as angels etc

  33. I have been "out" many times and have seen no "archons" or similar. Neither have I seen any "angels." My experiences tally very well with many many OBE and NDE texts written over a span of well over 100 years in many different countries. If there are any such "archons" then it is us that are them. Saying "archons" is just a way of trying to project internal responsibility onto something external. Recognizing that you are in a prison is an excellent first step, however taking responsibility is a much harder subsequent step. We are the figurative "fallen angels" who have to return back to the "Father" (our previous non-physical state). We are not victims.

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