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  1. This will be the argument when the class action suit comes

  2. They tested this device on enslaved women without any anesthesia. The guy, Marion Sims, also did other crazy experiments on those women.

  3. Pho Ramen, Able Brown, The Larder, Arsenal, Frog Hollow, Boll Weevil for cake, Edgars Above Broad for tapas (small plates).....People sleep on Edgars but it's perfect for a quick bite or just apps and drinks before going elsewhere. But the food is amazing there. It's staffed by student chefs that attend classes in the same building. Finally, Able Brown's Oysters Rockefeller are simply divine....Just get there early. After 630 it gets a little thick in there

  4. Where can I post my raws so you guys can access them....Flickr?

  5. Dude is a brilliant interviewer. He gets the craziest stuff outta people

  6. Replace the water with Whole Milk. It makes cheesy noodles and is delicious

  7. I'm not sure if this is China but if it is then it is important to keep the article below in mind

  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/12/28/world/africa/south-africa-black-teenagers-pool.html

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