1. As others have pointed out, this is a pretty bad question in general.

  2. It is not only idiotic and disrespectful to disregard the achievements of humankind throughout history - it is also really sad.

  3. We learn in gaunts ghosts that everyone who has any kind of prosthetic has to take regular imunesupressors, antibiotics and some other stuff. Without that the connection between flesh and prosthetic infects terribly. We also learn in multiple mechanicus centric books that techpriests have autoinjectors for all possible drugs which they refill like every few weeks.

  4. I imagine these are the sort of things magos biologis would usually tend to.

  5. Think Cawl mentions he uses a solution for blood instead of the actual thing. Which if you think about it, we kinda have some saline solutions that act as blood already, which is usually mixed in during a dialysis procedure. Helps remove waste and replace oxygen.

  6. I mean, the more of their flesh they replace the less they need the rest of it. Who needs blood when you've barely got anything that uses it anymore?

  7. Edit: bro keeps insisting I take my own life, so I’m going to take the high road on not humor it with an instigative response. Going to ask him his likes and hobbies

  8. You should do the thing where you send help and support, "because you're clearly obsessed with suicide".

  9. This whole thing reads like a shitpost or copypasta, I wouldn't take this too seriously.

  10. In Sweden it’s quite dangerous to be the one to fall asleep first when you’re with your friends. Quite common for someone to “olla” you, in other words slapping their dicks all around your face. Is this a thing in other Nordick countries?🏳️‍🌈

  11. Vad för slags jävla vänner har du mannen???

  12. I’m not sure what qualifies as European Singing Skills, are we talking classic Italian, French (aaahahaaaaaaaaa) (Except Edith) English, Germanic, or classic Slav?

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnopHCL1Jk8

  14. It's hard to get more european material than that.

  15. I mean the guy's singing in straight-up American English, it loses some point for that.

  16. I don't care if you remove France, Italy, Belgium etc., but by all things good in this world, get rid of Denmark while you're at it, would ya?

  17. Hard to tell where the line is between creepy and flirty sometimes.

  18. Honestly, if you want to flirt and not be creepy, flirt in a way that isn't overtly sexual. Just expressing that you appreciate someone and enjoy your time with them is usually enough.

  19. The solution to all the people who don't like female space marines is clearly just to imagine them as femboy marines instead!

  20. I hate the kid because he is condescending, we are not the same

  21. "I hate young Sheldon because he's a fucking smart-ass piece of shit. You hate young Sheldon because you're a weird racist psychopath. We are not the same"

  22. Or the safer "I've been career focused so ive never been in a relationship"

  23. He could also just say he has bad experiences with his exes, and would rather not talk about them.

  24. Salamanders celebrate special occasions by hosting extremely over-the-top barbecues, utilizing their incendiary weapons to grill stuff in the most overkill ways possible

  25. The most based dwarves I've ever seen (besides my own dwarves that aren't actually dwarves). I especially love the eldritch language they inscribe their goods with to give them power.

  26. I honestly expected the Danish to be higher, but I guess they don't really eat potatoes and just sort of store them in their mouths indefinitely like hamsters.

  27. Actually, these props are cursed, and haunted by eldritch beings from another dimension. You have to take out the drive the game is installed on and put it in a circle with candles lit around it, then recite the steam reviews for Garry's Mod to make the spirits go away.

  28. I will never get over that "eachother" is meant to be written as two words. Fuck you, English.

  29. Me when damn-near anything else: 🤢🤢🤢

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