McDonalds Manager loses it on a couple of rude customers

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  1. The fourth picture had me dead from how god damn adorable she is

  2. Side not: I personally really dislike the “patriotic” pride flag. I don’t like associating peoples right to be who they are with a genocidal and exploitive country.

  3. We will build a wall and the texans are gonna pay for it.

  4. That is really too bad, I feel like people would enjoy it. I watched the first one, while I did enjoy the main + secondary characters, I fount myself feeling anxiety from the relationships depicted between the main character and the parents. I’ve been through similar things, poor communication, poor empathy, and I feel like the main character has some character traits that cause me to empathize with her a lot so it just amplifies the anxiety for me personally. All that to say, the pacing and humor was very enjoyable.

  5. I feel like our society needs to prioritize teaching empathy. If hate is learned than empathy can be taught.

  6. I like the pause, it feels like every is just taking in the ethereal beauty

  7. Why doesn’t the god damn CPS work that way? Damn, i feel like there can even be god damn witnesses and shitty parents get away with it

  8. "Hey feller. You see that raging sea of primordial power over there, what which's enraptured and terrified humankind since time immemorial?"

  9. When I see a fast food working doing this stuff, almost immediately take their side, there is a goddamn reason they goin off

  10. I have been assuming as much, I still think it’s fun to give them silver because seeing their naked defenseless bodies makes me chuckle

  11. I didn't know anyone actually gives those beggars silver.. lmao its not like a homeless person man they're playing a VIDEO game and just decide to sit in town and ask for money lmao.

  12. Well thats just it, it’s a video game, it doesn’t matter what I do.

  13. I figured out that you can lay down in the water and the dragons will lose sight of you

  14. He’s an economist. He has all the electricity in the world right there. If anybody wants to use electricity, they have to go through him and his 5 pawns with flak armor and revolvers. Kings, generals, tribe leaders, everybody will grovel at his feet for just a taste of that sweet sweet power.

  15. Omg yes . I'm a big guy and I've never been hugged by anyone bigger than me I need this

  16. Came here to say this, but not as eloquently.

  17. Suns’ gettin’ real low big guy

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