1. He aims for a Hard R, but might land on a soft A

  2. Pretty crazy that Dying Light 1 sold better then any Capcom game.

  3. Well the company was only supporting Dying Light 1 for a whole generation of consoles. It went dirt cheap, people bought it for 5 dollars, got updates regularly and the cycle continued. Zombie parkour is also hella marketable, because it's zombies, and parkour, how can you fail to market zombie parkour

  4. There was an option to dropkick zombies the game basically sold itself

  5. I remember people going "the story kinda suck, but the gameplay tho" and they were right, it's a fun loop ngl

  6. I like them holding both my arms against a wall

  7. But not everyone is a werewolf...That's a big plus

  8. I hope its a good ass remaster, if it happens, because I already have access to the original game on my Xbox Series. "It's 4k now" wow my HDTV is thrilled

  9. In Japanese I was siding with Morgana, because holy shit did I hated Ryuji on that language

  10. It's hilarious that Ryuji is one of the most loathed characters in Japan and one of the most beloved in the West.

  11. You have no idea how confused I was when I played P5 Vanilla in Japanese, and saw that Ryuji was a popular character. Holy shit it was insufferable. Had a better time with P5 Royal in English

  12. Focusing on multiplayer? Yeah I'm out. Had fun with Reach's multiplayer on MCC, but I'm here for the campaign. Won't even get invested on the 343 trilogy then, Reach was a good stopping point

  13. Going through Master Chief Collection, and thinking I should've stopped at Reach lol

  14. Why not use ID tech? It’s an in-house engine and it’s a very good.

  15. They're absolutely looking to hire people, so a widespread engine is the way forward to make development accessible to newcomers. That and contractors, Microsoft loves contractors

  16. I really want to start playing the Remake, but all of the issues I've heard the PC version has right now makes me really warry.

  17. Heard something about that, with stutter cause by shader compilation problems. I got lucky and dodged the problem on consoles, because the PS5 version was really pixelated due to their VRS implementation, but it is now removed

  18. I unintentionally posted another laser beam related content, in Dead Space Remake.

  19. Btw, how did they translated the chapter names in your language? In Brazilian Portuguese:

  20. Oh wow I was wondering this. My friend and I were joking how would they fit, but we were assuming it would try to mimick the English version

  21. Tetris Effect also covers dreams tho. Patients with neurological deteriorating conditions reported dreaming about the blocks of Tetris, even if they forgot the game entirely

  22. I played Portal 2 for so long that my dream was a solution to a puzzle a was stuck in

  23. I only have some minor nitpicks with Dead Space, but yeah I am confident in saying it's better than the original. It fixed all my problems with the game, while adding more to it

  24. Xbox Direct, State of Play and Nintendo Direct makes way more sense now, but I'll miss stuff like God of War reveal, or Death Stranding teaser trailer, those were some magical moments

  25. ... I don't remember him talking into a recorder/mission log like Buzz Lightyear in 1 and 2.

  26. Man I felt the same way with RE Village. Had the money and everything, but my PS4's HD died, corrupted to hell and back, so I had to change it (used the chance and also payed someone to clean that bad boy)

  27. What's surprising is that HiFi Rush is on Gamepass, for PC and consoles, and is still rocking on Steam Sales

  28. If memory serves, on PC it's easier to mod games bought through steam than those bought via the windows store or via gamepass. Wouldn't shock me if the same thing happens with Starfield cus thats a game that will require mod access.

  29. Does the mod made by the community exists on PC, or they never addressed it like on the consoles? Because I could see they doing that on the Windows version

  30. I remember Woolie talking about this on the old channel. Exactly same scene. It really goes into that GoW3 direction, but I haven't played the whole game to see the vibe of it

  31. Is it the NMH2 Let's play? I remember they had one but I never watched it.

  32. No idea, tbh. If my memory is correct he would talk from time to time on the podcast itself, but it's been a long time I have seen anything from SBFP on YouTube

  33. I was really glad to see two really old gay men in a relationship. Gay men are already rare in media, but two big dudes, bear style, on a high budget show? Wow

  34. i wouldn't say it moved the story along since you can skip every single bill scene and miss nothing critical to the plot. Joel and ellie go to his compound he and frank already committed suicide and they take his truck thats it.

  35. I think seeing stories as pure "this must be critical to the plot" reduce them a lot. Bill and Frank's relationship shows love, one of the themes of the show, and how it can make us do the unthinkable, for better or worse. You might disagree with Bill's suicide, but he did that because he loved Frank, and was in a world where being old is a disadvantage, it shows how different people deal with their reality. It then impacts Joel, in the opposite way of the game, in which there it was a cautionary tale of shutting yourself to people, while in the show is a Inspiring one, showcasing that no matter the point in time, you can still find people that will care about you

  36. They're not in the store anymore, you have to find and pick it. For some reason I must've missed the room where the line gun was

  37. I much prefer when they do it for the harder difficulties. Doing it on easier difficulties runs the risk of punching down.

  38. Halo was the king of difficulty variety also. Many lines change depending on the difficulty you pick

  39. My minor nitpick with the remake also is that they don't allow you to create that Line path as long as you want, by pressing the analog stick. It's a short period of time now, and I want that line going as long as I want damnit

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