A group of high schoolers in Tulsa ditched class to sneak into a Trump rally and get this pic taken before being swiftly escorted out.

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  • By - p_yth

  1. Wow much great. How fun make America orange man bad even old image. Good job yet for left friends.

  2. That's a cute little keg. What's the volume of it?

  3. It's a sixth barrel with enough room for 2 of my homebrew corny kegs to go in when they're done fermenting...

  4. What if I didnt sign up to pay for others loans because I wasnt the one who took out a loan? Seems unfair to others.....

  5. I didn't sign up to pay for unneeded Abrams tanks, but living in a democracy means you sometimes pay for things other people want but you don't.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly with not wanting the tanks either. Kinda over pointless spending but when you sign up for a loan YOU signed it...not me. I also completely disagree with the 90 billion sent to Ukraine for war but left is good with that? ZERO SENSE....ZEROOOO

  7. I love how sure the dad was of this happening - I mean he filmed with intention that they would do this and ofcourse they did.

  8. People dont give kids credit. Thats how they learn. My 2 yr old pours drinks all the time because we let him make a few messes in the beginning to figure it out.

  9. i bought a similar one (~16", over 100 years old) a few years ago, after removing the motor and the fence, it could be lifted on a hand lift by two (normally strong) people, then moved it to the trailer, tilted it and lifted one side up on the trailer, lifted the other side with two people and slid it on the trailer.

  10. I've been there but those monsters are HEAVY. What kind of floor do you have to put it on? Not to mention floor footprint required.

  11. Normally all my woodworking is in my 2 story wooden shed but Id have no way to get it up there and would have to resort to my garage

  12. Nice job! Guarantee you will love and care for that thing exponentially more as a result of putting so much work into it.

  13. Thank you! I used an angle grinder with tons of different pads/ wire wheels, (braded wire worked best and sand paper pads after) and krylon black high heat spray paint on the outside. Inside was hours of scraping from years on not being cleaned. Had about 3 inches of creosote built up. After all that I oiled the inside an had a few fires to season it. Took way longer than I thought but she looks great now! I have some pics of it somewhere on my page if U want to take a look at how bad it was.

  14. Thank you! At times it felt like I bit off more than I could chew. Learning how to weld and grind and do a decent paint job! Super Happy woth todays results!

  15. Got it for $99 in Georgia! I know yall have found it cheaper but after seeing nothing but $250-$320 at all my local stores for years I was beyond pumped for this! Cracking it open tonight!!!! Happy Hunting!!!!

  16. The kind where we didnt have someone hand over 90 billion dollars of taxpayer money and kiss his ass and the kind that did.

  17. Ooo ooo I love this one...how about...hear me out....Dont sign up for something you dont plan on paying off... I know I know. Crazy concept but if you signed something you knew you couldnt pay off, then you probably aren't responsible enough to do big kid things like vote either since you still need other people to bail you out. Also I do agree college should be lowered but I dont think I needa pay for your college when I damn sure didn't make that dumbass mistake.. NotMyMothafuknProblemIDidntSignaLoan

  18. You are so unhinged. Why try to make this a liberal gotcha? They live rent free in your head man. Go get some air

  19. Always wanted to try bear. Hear it's very greasy if im not mistaken. Bet thats great for smoking!

  20. It is very greasy. I’ve tried it and don’t like it.

  21. Awe, you got ur feelings hurt and gave an insult instead of a logical retort..That's new

  22. Ahh yes an entire page dedicated to self loathing porn. I truly am sorry for you. Try and step outside and get some fresh air. Im here to talk if you need someone.

  23. Its ruined our halloween for our neighborhood. Used to love how packed the neighborhood would get. Now we get like 7-10 trick or treaters all night. Kinda sucks. Covid kinda pushed that too though I think

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