1. How is wanting to share prosperity among everyone narcissistic? If anything the opposite worldview is narcissitic. "I got to where I am without any help from the systems we put in place and even if I did use them I refuse to pay into those which benefited me."

  2. Like keeping it tucked away in a personal journal and deciding not to post it on a public forum; for example.

  3. Bro you are extremely passionate and angry about this innocuous thing.

  4. I'm pretty sure this is an AI bot. Just look at their comments, very LLM type speech.

  5. I hate "it's basic insert topic" so much. Yeah genius. We start with basics so you have a foundation to build upon.

  6. To be fair most of the men making this argument can't cook anything except on a grill and consider 'throw thing on fire and take off when done' is an art that only they have mastered.

  7. https://www.noracooks.com/vegan-cheesecake/#wprm-recipe-container-3332

  8. I really don’t understand the apple sauce thing. You’re subbing fat for sugar, and in most baking recipes, there’s already plenty of sugar. This is like mommy-blog nonsense that people now swear by.

  9. Applesauce has less calories. I use applesauce instead of oil in my healthy whole-food morning muffins that don't have added sugar, but if I'm making a dessert there's no reason not to use oil.

  10. Oh cool, have you ever actually met a trans person? Or are you basing your view of them entirely on the bullshit you and your online friends tell yourselves?

  11. Is that the case? My interpretation of her remarks is that a) she doesn't have a problem with people who are "legitimately" trans; b) she is (unduly) worried about "illegitimate" transwomen invading spaces meant for women; and c) she fears that some gender-non-conforming women are pressured into transitioning to transmen.

  12. Almost 50. Never saw an Obama hat. No McCain or Romney hats. No Bush hats. No Kerry hats. No Al Gore hats. No Clinton hats. No Bob Dole hats. No George HW Bush hats.

  13. I've seen a lot of Bernie stuff, granted it's almost entirely just the mittens meme

  14. With shit quality audio from Spotify. Also once set up it is just as easy. I use and app on my phone to tell my laptop what movie/show/music I want and then use jellyfin to play it. All of it FLAC/1080/4K.

  15. I wouldn't call it shit quality. If you're on the highest end gear or are one of a few percent of people who has the ability to hear the difference between 320kbps and FLAC, then yeah, I understand wanting your FLACs. I can also understand not liking how Spotify doesn't tell you what quality you are getting while streaming so you prefer to stream from your own downloaded library. If you're an audiophile purist then Spotify isn't for you, but most people are not audiophiles and just want to listen to music casually.

  16. there are literally bigger issues in the world. ur all insane for dogpiling on kurtis bc of what dean did. like u all took this way too far. why don’t you focus ur efforts on shit that actually matters. nobody knows who dean is and kurtis was never going to give him enough of a platform for dean to be the next trump. like be so fr. focus on shit that actually matters.

  17. Just because there are wolves surrounding the coop doesn't mean the chickens shouldn't worry about the fox inside the coop.

  18. If people wanna see if he addressed it then they can just look it up. It will bring them to the post anyway.

  19. This was the 7th reddit link to pop up after googling 'Kurtis Dean apology,' the others were just people asking if he did apologize over the past few years. This isn't even the top post regarding this in the subreddit, much less Google.

  20. Thank you, sir. You're very kind. To me, it looks like it's very busy and it lacks detail at the same time. Also, it lacks a story. So....

  21. I think it's great, it just moves a little fast and the transition to the product room was a bit odd. Product shots usually go fast then slow down but this just seemed all fast.

  22. Acceptance of homosexuality should be just that. We accept homosexuality. We don't give a damn about it. Nobody cares.

  23. These things are meant to combat the demonization of marginalized groups. These traffic lights also have straight couples in order to normalize the idea that relationships come in all forms.

  24. Sorry to say that, but I doubt this thing have any bigger effect.

  25. That doesn't really address my point. I'm not saying it's there to change minds, just for normalization and recognition. If people just act like these marginalized groups didn't have to fight for the level of acceptance in society and coverage under the law they have today, then it makes it easier for people to forget that their rights need to be protected.

  26. Currently dealing with #5. The anxiety from withdrawal is awful! This Thursday is 4 weeks in and should be looking a lot better here on out :)

  27. Thank you for commenting. Tbh I slipped a while back after being sober for 8 months and haven't really tried to quit again. Your comment let me read this post and remind myself why I liked not vaping. I just drowned my vape in water and threw it in the trash. Day 0 for me :)

  28. Can we also appreciate that he absolutely nailed that it would be from the Mises Institute as well? Literally the first result.

  29. Ik your comment is old but dark matter (book) is actually amazing

  30. Seconding this. Idk how we both came across this thread within the same hour. Can't wait to get an actual release date!

  31. Ik I’ve been waiting for so long it feels like. I’ll definitely reread the book and then watch the show

  32. If you haven't listened to the audio book I highly recommend it. Jon Lindstrom does a fantastic job narrating. He also co-narrates Recursion but I think that book is better read.

  33. And people like him get to make a living making Youtube videos. Because that’s the world we live in. Welcome to hell.

  34. For real. I've thought about how easy it would be to be a right wing grifter. If the quartering is making all this money pissing on his carpet imagine what someone with a modicum of intelligence can do.

  35. Oh please. I used to work there, and I asked for an more alfredo on my pasta once because it just didn't look like there was enough. My manager found out and had a sit down meeting with me about how that is "stealing from the company" because I didn't go ring myself up for a dipping boat of alfredo.

  36. Had plenty of friends work for Darden places. Fuck them.

  37. Yup, and this is why we see nurses who have MLMs selling essential oils who truly believe they have healing properties (as a disclaimer, lavender and tea tree oil may have some mild therapeutic properties but they can’t treat 2nd degree burns!)

  38. Oh it absolutely should be studied! Herbal remedies and alternative medicine definitely have validity. But I’ve seen too many essential oil MLM social media posts where oils were used on 2nd degree burns (on children!) and there is no evidence that they saw any kind of provider. Many oils need to be diluted if they’re going to be used topically, and they aren’t a substitute for medical care.

  39. Can you flip-flop the coordinate used for the noise to make it mirror and loop?

  40. Yeah I've seen the coordinate thing for repeating textures, but it won't apply to just the distortion.

  41. I’ve gotten lots of comments confirming what you said so I was wondering if you had any recommendations for fans. I would prefer for them to be rgb and higher quality, but if that means it’s going to cost like 30 dollars a fan I’ll go with a cheaper option

  42. I'm getting the Cooler master mf120 halos. It's like $70 for 3, I'm only going for them because they're going to be a gift

  43. So its information isn’t perfectly up to date, but it’s pretty much google but with the ability to chat to you about whatever’s wrong, so instead of filtering through months of old forum replies you can say ‘okay, accounting for the fact that there may have been updates since you last checked, can you explain why in this YouTube tutorial x looks like y but on my screen it’s, uh… wobbly?’ And the bot will discuss it until you get to the bottom of it given enough info lol. Saves me so much time finding search terms and googling! Follow along with a tutorial and get gpt4 for best results, it’s vastly smarter. Also account for it getting a little hyperfixated on the wrong part of what you said or something and be patient with it

  44. Yeah I've used chatgpt but I didn't realize you could use it to problem solve like that. Thanks for the tip! I'm fine with AI as a tool, I just hate when people try to use it for creation.

  45. Sorry for talking your ear off lol! Wasn’t sure if ‘on the fence’ meant ‘seeking info’

  46. Haha all good, I appreciate it! I'm just not a huge fan of OpenAI tbh, but this seems pretty harmless. I like your art style btw! I hope you post more stuff soon!

  47. In addition to everyone's suggestions, tint the windows a bit and get them to be more reflective. It looks like they don't have anything on them. Add some detail around the windows too

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