1. Thanks! 183 is my usual route to most of my patients.

  2. I'm a leftist but don't let your delusional reality filter convince you of that. Your proud virtue-signal handle is all I need to know about you

  3. Nah. I've had the conversation enough times while providing experts explaining why nuclear isn't the best option and people dig their heels in the ground that it's the 'only sensible option' while providing no hard data, so I figure it's ideological.

  4. I can direct you to leftist publications that show both the environmental and humanitarian benefits of nuclear, backed with stats and real world examples (France for example, has the cleanest, least carbon-emitting electrical generation in the world). I can also show you the open air mine pits where all renewable energy must source its raw materials. If you are a leftist, you owe it to yourself to be truly informed. Shit, even Greta Thunberg has called for nuclear in the mix.

  5. Then direct me there. I'd love to be proven wrong and see that we have a viable solution to work towards. I provided my sources. And I can tell you didn't read them because the first one is a French publication literally using France as an example of how nuclear isn't the only solution.

  6. Random question, why isn't LSD super cheap when you only need so little of it? Is it just so you can make a profit selling it or is it really expensive to make?

  7. Only a few chemists make LSD for the whole world. Tough to make but one batch can make millions of tabs. Idk what prices are now but 5 years ago it was like $5-10 a tab. Plus most people aren't doing acid everyday so it's not like dealers are selling out everyday.

  8. you think nurses and doctors watch this instead of drug users 💀

  9. I had a teacher in fourth grade that launched a chair into the class because we "Didn't get math". That man stayed teaching for several years.

  10. I had a band director who threw a chair when someone isn't stand for the pledge. Granted he didn't throw it at the kid

  11. Wow. I know this an opinion piece, but could the writer blow the police any harder?

  12. Seriously. Boo hoo cops have it hard. So do medical professionals and we aren't even allowed to smoke weed in our off time.

  13. I bought a package of HotHands instant hand warmers -- 10 pairs, I think -- a couple of months ago. I have a very small dog who gets cold easily, and I thought they'd come in handy if we lost power in winter. Didn't think I'd need them so soon! I opened up a couple, tucked them under a thin blanket, and watched him snuggle in and start snoring. They're still toasty after 10 hours! All that to say, consider something like that for your cats. I had no idea they'd work so well/long, and they definitely take away the chill. I feel much better in this mess just knowing I've taken good care of him.

  14. I made a little warm bed with hot hands for my cat to nestle in. She prefers using me for warmth and tbh I'm glad she does

  15. I guess giving it away would be a liability? I know that HEB often donates (almost) expired meat and breads to food pantries. The pre-made I suppose is a different story.

  16. There's not a law preventing it, there's just nothing to incentivize it. There was some state bill that passed somewhere at one point that incentivized restaurants and grocery stores to donate food. But they had written it to where it needed to be renewed every year before the tax breaks would be awarded so very few businesses participated since they didn't have a guarantee to see a return on their investment. Eventually they didn't renew it and everyone points to that as to why it won't work when similar bills are proposed.

  17. Again you missed my point entirely, possibly on purpose i don't know.

  18. Well then this has nothing to do with the fucking post. That's illegal in the US too. You could not have a dairy-free butter that just said "Butter" on the label. The discussions under this post are that it's ridiculous that dairy companies are lobbying the government to make almond milk be called almond beverage and that it has nothing to do with honesty and everything to do with profit and obscuring the public perception of plant based alternatives.

  19. Yep, didn't mean to imply that but if that's what you got out of what I said I could see where you were upset.

  20. I smoked weed for 10 years heavily and thats one thing that contributed to this mess. From 20-24 i was completely in psychosis going from psych ward to psych ward because I could not stop smoking weed.

  21. Don't listen or engage with that guy. He's a fucking loser. I'm sorry you're in a bad situation in life. I really hope you find your life turning around soon and find it worth living. Stay strong and stay sober. It sounds like you're putting in effort which is all you can do, sometimes it just takes time.

  22. Person tells you they're suicidal and have a persistant mental illness exacerbated by drugs and you tell them to just smoke weed and get over it? You are the dumbest most unempathetic motherfucker on the planet. Go fuck yourself

  23. I'll do some objective introspection when I'm not seeing them abuse and murder women and children, thanks anyhow.

  24. "My culture isn't as bad as theirs so I'm not going to critique my culture at all"

  25. They were literally doing whataboutism. I was calling it out. There can be problems in 2 different cultures at the same time that vary in severity. You shouldn't ignore your own culture's deficits just because another's is worse, which is what that person was saying

  26. Are you a doctor, nurse, fireman, EMT, or police officer? Yes, if you can.

  27. I would tell you a dad joke, but since I am not a father it would be making a "faux pa"

  28. I'm only 40 but I've already seen pretty significant attitude shifts.

  29. Keep telling yourself you’re not gay and you’re a vegan while you continue begging men to have sex with you using your Cheeto covered fingers 😂😂😂 fat gay vegan Cheeto finger boi. 😂😂

  30. https://www.reddit.com/r/collegesluts/comments/yu65qp/-/iw80r6b

  31. As someone who routinely floats to work in a Neuro ICU, I can tell you that there are way worse things than dying.

  32. That's why I went into hospice! Once you see what "doing everything" to keep someone alive looks like, death doesn't seem that bad.

  33. Lol he really called out a nurse for wanting to do the same job he is currently doing?

  34. Lol when I worked in a hospital I was very vocal about all the things that needed to change and a lot of my coworkers said that I should be an admin one day. I laughed and told them they'd never let me be an admin even if I wanted to be since I actually want to change things for the better

  35. I get that - but you can't say your dollar is worth less AND things are getting more expensive.

  36. That's true. My point was that while minimum wage isnt worth as much due to inflation in the regular market, tuition and other costs associated with higher education are rising far higher than general inflation.

  37. I think you're double counting - tuition/prices going up is the inflation

  38. Nope. Inflation has gone up by 106.07% since 1993 from what I can find on Google. Tuition has gone up over 7 times the the rate of inflation. That means everything has gotten twice as expensive, while minimum wage hasn't even doubled.

  39. They were talking the other day on the show about not tracking how many people listen/where (in reference to not knowing where to do the live shows) - Jordan said the closest approximation they have for popularity is buttons.

  40. I think us wonks are loyal too. The insane amount of content they make and keeping it ad free allows for all of their listeners to absolutely justify donating to them. I was pretty strapped for cash and in school when I discovered them and I quickly became a wonk because they kept me sane whole doing door dash through the early corona days. They were my first patreon sub and I have a few more creators I give to now, but with their quality I had to give because it felt criminal to get it completely for free. I'm sure others feel the same.

  41. The first hospital I worked at the nurses station was literally right in front of the exit. It was the only entrance for visitors so they walked in it right by us. Every night “where’s the exit?” Meanwhile 5 signs are posted all around them. We’re all blind. We used to place bets on how many times will that be asked tonight.

  42. Dude when I was charging on med surg we would discuss ways to solve certain issues we here having with patient families and all the other charges always suggested putting up signs. I told them every single time that nobody reads signs and they always went ahead anyways. Next months meeting we had the same discussion on the same issue because the signs didn't do a damn thing.

  43. I know a guy who keeps a printed out copy of a picture of Tyler Durden in a plastic sleeve on his bathroom counter. I wish I was joking.

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