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  1. Going from guitarist to gym rat is easy because ur hands are used to the pain

  2. Rosé from black pink. bro reddit is not kind to her

  3. I'm a 6'9" dude, and there are a lot of good responses about clothes, cars, planes, low door frames, etc.. Really it's just that the world just isn't designed for someone who is taller than about 6'4". Showerheads wash your chest. Couches are too short to nap on. Most neckties are too short. Luggage handles aren't high enough. Bicycles don't allow for optimal leg extension. The list goes on...

  4. not what the post is about but this is funny

  5. i still wouldn’t mind my future wife saying that 😭

  6. I bet you're the kind of guy that gets insults off Reddit.

  7. The one about the disappearing plane? Saw my sister watching it a while back and watched for a little bit. Didn't look appealing to me at all. :/

  8. trust me it picks up after the first season

  9. lets be honest if kid saw him and heard his voice he would be like “FUCKK YEAH”

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