1. The law is that for any role that is not exempt from the FLSA you have to be paid at least 1.5 times the regular hourly wage for any time worked over 40 hours in the business week.

  2. Yeah I don’t think under California legal definition my job was non-exempt. And I was part time there. But other people who are full time there (40 hours) and work hourly are paid 1.5 times for overtime. I was literally paid by the minute for my work.

  3. If you're part-time and hourly, you're almost certainly non-exempt. However, if you're working less than 8 hours per day, you likely wouldn't qualify. So if you typically work 5 hours per day and you work 8 hours, you would not receive time and a half for the additional 3 hours.

  4. That’s not true you can get overtime if you’re part time and make an hourly wage especially if it’s minimum wage. Those places make a huge effort to avoid having workers enter that “area” to avoid being paid overtime. Exempt comes down to title status. You can be salaried and still be non-exempt. It really comes down to the title you’re working under.

  5. Most of the India based consulting firms. (Infosys, cognizant, etc).

  6. I think I had a contract interview with an Indian company and it was one of the most unprofessional interview I’ve ever had. This guy kept rubbing his face and seemed like he was under the influence of some kind of drug.

  7. Hi there. I have Kaiser and if it helps, at my first psych appointment it was an "intake" but they were willing to continue my prior prescription until a full evaluation by my new Kaiser physician could be done. It depends on what your current medication is though because mine was a controlled substance and I had to really state my case for why, because she was very much against it.

  8. Also do you mind sharing which location this was?

  9. Your intake was with a psychiatrist? Why did they want you to see a physician though? What do you also mean start you up from scratch?

  10. My bf is 300 lbs and he couldn’t fit on most rides except in the back of the log flume.

  11. I would never get on that ride ever again. My family and I were eating in Festa village (about a year after it opened), right next to the carousel when we suddenly heard a large boom noise and felt the floor shake. We then realized that sol spin had struck the floor full force. It left a huge gouge in the cement and a hand full of people stranded on the ride for about 10 minutes. The ride always seemed to be closed after that for about 6 months.

  12. I don't remember exactly when. It was about a year after it opened.

  13. Some people said it was going faster than normal when it got stuck.

  14. sigh, I had the same issue at work couple of weeks back. So some of us from work went and spoke to our boss. We came to the conclusion that we should document every single conversation we have on email and on a daily basis. I know for a fact that this system will hardly last a week and everything is gonna go back to the same old bullshit. Wish I had the mental strength to leave the job and live life to the fullest

  15. Yeah it’s a tough habit but talking to others, many do this all the time. I think my issue is my boss communicates with me verbally instead of in email with the tasks that he wants.

  16. After your conversation with him you can let him know that you’ll put the same in an email and send it to him just so you can keep better track of your work 🙈

  17. I should do that! He’s so disorganized he saves everything to his desktop screen it’s totally full!

  18. definitely the above poster is right. i was in a similar situation and was able to get prescriptions from my primary care physician through kaiser while i waited to see their psychiatrist

  19. Even if it’s Adderall or a stimulant?

  20. I’m a student but I’ll tell you my parents’ occupants since we live in Irvine

  21. What you really mean: *more mixed race people who are part white

  22. I think the dating preferences are changing. My half sister is a tall white blonde girl and she is married to a Vietnamese American man. A few of my Asian friends are also in AMWF relationships. I even know one friend who is in a relationship with a Latina American woman. I know this is all anecdotal but the racist culture towards Asian males is changing.

  23. They often still view them as better than Asian women.

  24. Not everyone has a smart phone. My parents don't.

  25. I wish I didn’t and I’m in my early 30s lol.

  26. Aw that sucks. I haven’t had any issues but that sucks that you do. Good luck with the paper map!

  27. Lol your phone doesn’t drain lol??? Hmmmm

  28. To be honest I just loved the writing. Like, the complexity of the plot and all the links throughout the show. I always wondered how the writing was that good. Thank you for the recommendations!

  29. The Hong sisters have written some great dramas.

  30. There’s a director in charge and then my immediate supervisor. I don’t deal with the director at all I can just hear his conversations from my cubicle.

  31. I don’t think I should quit I think there are better ways to be I hate stuff, like white noise etc.

  32. This is not a ghost, in my opinion (although I think it's hilarious that you met someone who looks like her). Her makeup is exactly how we used to wear it back then, dark lipstick and natural brows. Sure, she could be a recent ghost, but the odds are low. The other indicator of being a person is that the light source on her is the same as that of the other people and objects. I can't answer for her legs, but I have taken a lot of photos where something turns out wonky. Just doesn't convince me.

  33. Yeah when I first saw this photo as a kid in the late 90s my first impression was something was off with the kid. I didn’t even notice the woman in the back. Always felt she looked like the year the photo was taken. Imagine being photographed and everyone thinks you’re a ghost hahaha.

  34. It's an old photo with motion blur. Lady in red seems to be looking at her. The lean looks like someone running, but not sure who runs with their hands in their pocket. The wet road and black pillars seem to be what is making her look legless

  35. What’s funny was when I first saw this photo as a 10/11 year old what scared me was the kid smiling looked like it had black eyes????

  36. I thought the burger place on broadway area was nasty. If you eat inside especially.

  37. Mine are 10 minutes sometimes 15-20.

  38. I’ve seen this happen a few times. Tbh I like the idea of people from this industry starting recruiting firms because they know how the industry works.

  39. So you think most recruiters are sw devs who wanted a less stressful environment? That sounds implausible to me.

  40. Anything is possible. Someone above said they’ve seen people who have started recruiting firms of their own. I’ve seen something similar. Some people take burn out differently. I literally considered any other job because I was so burnt out at my internship. People handle stress differently. There’s not only one way to handle stress.

  41. Do recruiter generally not come from cs backgrounds? I feel like it hurts interviewees

  42. That actor is in a movie I love called Tart. It was nice to see him.

  43. No I don’t. I barely remember that place. I can ask them when I’m off work. They might recall.

  44. Someone in a thread about planet kids said it closed mid 90s. Likely before the makeover of the mall. The only legit physical memory I have before the remodel was how disgusting the movie theatre was at the mission viejo mall 😩. The seats were so nasty.

  45. Yep, used to play there when I was a kid. I believe it was on the end by where Nordstrom is today but I could be wrong.

  46. I can’t recall location but I just remember a lot of those ball pits I think? And the color yellow or orange either interior or the logo.

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