AITA for prioritising my parrot over my stepdaughters wedding?

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My girlfriend just gave birth to our first child. I know I’m not the biological father and I revealed I knew as soon as she gave birth.

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  1. Its fine to send someone else to collect her stuff but you really don't want an assault or conspiracy charge coming in your direction, so I suggest you just give strict instructions they are just to collect her stuff and leave without causing any trouble.

  2. Go make an appointment with a dermatologist. And then wash your sheets in Lysol cleaner detergent and hot water.

  3. No no no. I convinced this sub is currently populated by children.

  4. Your family is homophobic. Your ex is a sick individual to rationalize any romantic or sexual relationship with a person he watched grow up.

  5. YTA: Maybe this is me, but I, as a woman, could not marry a man without contact with his child. You see no problem with the fact that your husband doesn't have a relationship with his son.

  6. NTA: I do not think you are an asshole at all for your position. It sounds like from your post, neither of you wanted to have a parental relationship and didn’t frankly have the time to build one when she moved to college.

  7. NTA: I mean, this is really up to you as a parent to decide to feed your child. As long as the child is healthy and the medical provider thinks the diet is fine, then you are good. If she decides in the future to want to change her diet, allow her that opportunity. A person's diet is an individualistic choice.

  8. You need to cut her off. A real friend would never jeopardize a relationship for you when you are in a happy and healthy one. She is selfish, and it sounds like she wants you in the wings as a second option. A plan b in case she doesn't find the one she wants to marry.

  9. I’m sorry this man deserves a minute to himself. You don’t get to sit here and comment that he needs to swallow his feelings right now.

  10. Yes, we have a shared bank account. I have emergency funds in my account in case something like this ever happened, so I'm fucked if I touch it.

  11. You need to consult with a lawyer. Do not listen to individuals on Reddit that have no clue on the state, county, and city laws. Each jurisdiction has its own laws that vary.

  12. NTA: it’s always your body and your choice to decide to be pregnant. It’s wonderful what you did for your friends.

  13. ESH: Look, I get that it was inappropriate to say what you said. But I think your friend is a misogynistic asshole. You do not need to be friends with a man who thinks calling a woman all those names is appropriate, even in anger.

  14. Yeah I cannot understand gow anyone thinks this ok. Childbirth is traumatic and emotional and something she will remember for the rest of her life- it is her first moment with her baby. People treat each other like shit and break up and move on, but OP thinks he is more important than a mother baby bond. It's spiteful and petty, nothing more.

  15. Hold on, you’re telling me that he sucks more than a woman who knowingly slept with another person who could potentially be the biological father of her child, and lied about it. Is no worse than him. It takes a special type of heartless woman, and I’m saying this as a woman, to allow this man to pamper her and love on her during this pregnancy. It takes a special type of evil to have this baby and not even give him any inkling of an idea that this is not his biological child. You’re not gonna tell me she was not aware of the potential of another biological father and rug sweep it because she was in labor.

  16. It’s time to lawyer up. You should call and have consultations with the top law firms in your jurisdiction from there take your pick.

  17. At this point, you and your girlfriend aren't compatible. You should find a woman that wants to experience pregnancy and labor. Your girlfriend isn't wrong to feel the way she does. Pregnancy is not for the faint-hearted. Your body changes, and it could change permanently. And this is just pregnancy, not including labor and the treatment at the hospital.

  18. But that’s not the case. The tax of a post states that the wife and her a fair partner made a mutual decision to have a child. The two people who are responsible for financially supporting this child, or the two people that laid down to create this child. And let’s not even forget how selfish they are to be having a child while being supported by another human being. So now we don’t get to call him horrible for not wanting to support another mouth to feed. If the wife wanted another kid she needed to start working.

  19. YTA. A year is nothing when grieving...sometimes it's like yesterday.

  20. I mean she could just pay back the ticket and leave. Yes grief needs time to heal and work through. Yet she could have just give the cousin back her money.

  21. I remember when this was originally posted. The mother was vile to make the comment especially after her husband not only forgave her but raised the child that resulted in the infidelity. I don’t know even as a woman how I could come back from that comment of “how do you know any are yours”. I would be getting a divorced. Trust would be obliterated.

  22. You are not obligated tell your mother about your sexual activity. Just make sure that you’re practicing safe sex and getting regularly tested.

  23. that’s the thing. since I’m on her health insurance I’m scared to get birth control because she’ll find out and take everything

  24. There are other options, other than oral birth control. I would make an appointment at planned parenthood or your colleges health clinic to see what options are available to you.

  25. Exactly! It’s now OP’s business when he and others are supporting their financial well being. The sister in law should be working not being a stay at home mom.

  26. Dude I would leave. She is raising a child to be an adult woman who is going to selfish, entitled, and narcissistic. Your child deserves better than to see his dad be emotionally abused by his spouse. This isn’t normal for her to run away and refuse to parent her kid. The minute she said she googled something in regards to not liking your son is the minute that engagement should have been over.

  27. People are coming for me over this. I tried several times to overlook it. She didn’t tell me until a year in. I didn’t know what to do or say. I already loved her at that point. And I understand people don’t choose where they come from. She regularly tells me she will donate the money, but I haven’t seen much around that.

  28. Dude. as a black woman, there is not amount of love in the world that would have me be with such a racist. She is a racist and just culturally ignorant of the implication of having blood money built on the backs of my ancestors.

  29. I need you to realize that becoming good a sex takes time and practice. This also means learning your partner's needs and desires. Good sex takes work.

  30. Okay, this is definitely a troll post but just incase you are serious.

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