1. Did you find any jam inside tho?

  2. Dutch Burgher Union. A bit more expensive though, and haven't tried recently.

  3. In news next week. Police have busted another internet group meetup , confiscates few joints and pills - and illegal drugs / 25 dudes and 2 Girls were also arrested for indecent behaviour

  4. Legit psychedelics are pretty hard to come by. There’s certain forests that have shrooms (only if you know where to look) and LSD( nBOme-25 or fake LSD)

  5. The mushroom grows on cow dung , and there is a season and I think it’s coming up . Most probably the ayahuasca is pretty hard to come down there , but dmt maybe around in Sri Lanka . Be careful of the fake LSD . But I hear that it’s god damn expensive out there

  6. Yes. Cow dung is fertilizer after all, Oh ketamine is masquerade around as DMT.

  7. The whole human labour for foreign exchange started with Premadasa in the 90s. Also blaming the victim for trying to make a livelihood isn't cool... they willingly didn't signup for that

  8. funny (but sad) story - a daughter of a friend of my mother married this dude thru a proposal. the first night he tried to tie the girl and use clips etc on her. she went straight to her parents the next day and the marriage was over.

  9. I first thought it was a shitty app , it still is a shitty app and super annoying to use , But I learned to used it and have some patience . It’s useful in a way . But still a bad app .

  10. Man , funny shit , i always say I’m Sri Lankan and then comes these obvious questions current situations and hardships , my answer is Sri Lanka is just the beginning ! Wait till it’s here to Canada and walk away .

  11. I never thought of this, might as well go check.

  12. A friend ( a well trained Ayurvedic doctor ) had suggested few tips and tricks , I’m not a doctor so I cannot write them here , but why not those are more natural ways and methods .

  13. Yeah that's true... Is it okay if I ask them over DM?

  14. The LK Parliament have boomerangs that can be thrown as far as the Philippines, and they still come back!

  15. Also don’t click on links on these messages !! Viruses and other things . You should know the drill by now

  16. In most cases paying taxes is a good thing , it’s suppose to go to healthcare /education and other services we receive . Unfortunately it’s not the case in Sri Lanka . Most countries you pay taxes more than 12-15% and all goes to even your pension funds and healthcare which is essential , but in Sri Lanka?? Sad people in Sri Lanka still hate paying taxes or cheat the taxes .

  17. Don't worry, I heard the crocodile population of river Nilvala has increased this time of the year

  18. Wonder what happens to the diyawanna crocodile population , we need to increase it in case the parliament becomes really useless

  19. Most people know because of the last names. For example many Karava people have surnames like Fernando, Perera, De Silva, De Mel,etc

  20. Canada was ok for the most part , currently it’s slowly going into the shits under Justin Trudeau . Inflation has risen up to 7.6 right now , the government is blind about these numbers . I left somewhere around early 2002 when things were extremely bad . And felt safer here , there are times in Canada I don’t feel safe anymore now . But again this is all how you see it . We are still being forced to do many things with certain restrictions out here which are heavy violations of human rights. And we have some serious corruption issues on all levels of government as well .But as with pollution it’s quite better here . Nature , and there are many wonderful people you will meet , different cultures mingle with each other , food culture is awesome , you can do anything you like to do or be anyone you prefer to be . If you have any questions send a message I will answer

  21. How dare you criticise the glorious Canadian empire in my beautiful vehemently anti-SL pro-Canadian echo chamber 😡 praise Canada and it's supreme leader lord and Saviour daddy Trudeau or get downvoted into oblivion by the hivemind

  22. I mean the lounges here are certainly missing the 'Arabian vibes' but the hookah's are pretty much the same lol

  23. It’s time for a change , but the change needs to come within people . Unfortunately the kepuwath I’m green or blue mentality does not help with this change .

  24. I have a long bet with a friend: there would be another Rajapaksha in power in the next 20-25 years, likely Namal or the youngest metrosexual one

  25. I think you will win ! Just by looking at the history of this country , at this point it’s kind of easy to make predictions .

  26. Teach both and allow her to embrace both so that it may enrich her and give her the ability to see the world from a unique perspective. I suggest doing an in depth study into both to determine what aspects you wish to teach her- like piecing together a puzzle. Japanese etiquette with Sri Lankan hospitality as a start. Japanese culture may appear as unique- and it is- but it also has its roots in Hindu/Vedic culture, hence why the ‘myths’ are very similar. Buddhism is also focal point, but different flavor- while Buddhism in Lanka is Theravada, Buddhism in Japan is a mix of Mahayana and Vajrayana, also fused into Imperial Shinto. It also has occult orders such as the Shingon and Green Dragon but that’s beyond the scope.

  27. Trying to keep religion off at all costs for now , we live in Canada but move with a different community of people , she’s quite fluent in Japanese but haven’t had any influence in Sinhalese (for the plain old reason that I don’t have any Sri Lankan friends here ) . I understand the fact that Japanese culture and Sri Lankan culture has deep roots , and older . But we live in Canada ( for them there is no culture without bacteria for the most part- I’ll leave the natives alone here . Just the other cultures ) for us we don’t know where we stand culturally ! Our immediate community is also the same where everyone falls into different ethnicities but culturally we celebrate nothing ,but somehow we end up celebrating the change of seasons and that’s the most cultural thing we do . I’m not even sure how I can explain or where this conversation is going .

  28. It depends on your education. My cousin tried to apply but he was denied because his background was a high in demand diploma. I think he took mechanical engineering at a college.

  29. Right I am a chef , but I have no intentions of working as one currently

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