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  1. Then why do Estonians live in a closed society and barely interact with Russians?

  2. You have no idea what you're talking about

  3. My favourite Tom Brady memory is when he complained about sub zero's ice clone.

  4. Ok but they've got like half a point because some open world games emphasize the colonizer mindset of finding a completely new place, taking it over, building your own stuff, reshaping the landscape, and enlightening the locals


  6. Yes I do, thanks for asking. I comprehend what they said, I just think its fucking stupid.

  7. They cried wolf for so long, declared since the start that they were "at war with the entirety of the NATO forces" and now some tanks are proof of a growing Western involvement? I thought they were already facing all of our armies combined!

  8. It's hardly the first time the russian government has been inconsistent with its narrative.

  9. Boys aren't though, they are encouraged to be loud to stand their ground and be assertive. Girls are called bossy when they act like boys do, girls are called over the top when they are confident. I'm not a victim I never said that, just being taught to be a people please and quiet and calm is something girls are taught to do. Most people do it without thinking.

  10. “Stand up for yourself, you better cause no one else will.” That is told to little boys when they complain about being picked on. This is not told to girls. We get “oh he just likes you, that’s why he’s picking on you,” or “she’s just jealous” and to deal with it and look the other way.

  11. English is pretty funny to me (not a native speaker). My favourite is when people say "kick rocks". Like ok? Maybe I will. I'll kick several rocks even.

  12. Not to me specifically, but I hear it being used every now and then.

  13. "I have delayed the chapter. Pray I dont delay it any further."

  14. honestly, if it gets minors off of social media im here for it, that shit can really hamper developmental processes

  15. Kids using social media will be the "coca cola had actual cocaine in it" of future generations.

  16. Moral posturing from a comfortable position is easy, making the difficult choices during uncertain times is not. You would have thought European history would have ingrained in all of us the reminder that inaction can have serious consequences.

  17. I really fail to see how sending tanks is a difficult choice. What would be the benefit of not sending them?

  18. Keeping them for ourselves in the event the conflict spills out of Ukraine? I mean the UK has only 200ish challenger 2 tanks and the challenger 3 is only a concept currently.

  19. If not for the open world structure this would be worst rated From-Souls game just because of the bosses.

  20. Personally ER is my favourite fromsoft game (mostly because of the art direction, variety in zones and the open world format) but yeah, the bosses are pretty lame. And the repeat bosses make each bossfight feel less "special" and memorable. Fighting the same boss for the third time in a single playthrough is a chore.

  21. Tanks are offensive weapons, not defensive, so this does not make much sense.

  22. Mf do you think warfare means one side attacks and the other defends? Do you also think only one guy is swinging in a boxing match?

  23. If your moon doesnt look like the soul eater moon I dont want it

  24. Kid named food safety regulations:

  25. Technology-cels be seething over paper and quill chads

  26. 🤓☝️ achually, while the dictionary definition of the word would allow both paper and quill to be considered technology, the word is more commonly used specifically to refer to electronic devices. Much like the way one could claim that a cooking recipe is an algorithm by definition, yet a recipe is not what is commonly thought of when the word algorithm is used. One could argue that the widely accepted definition is more relevant for most purpouses and specifying exact meaning is redundant.

  27. 12 howitzers are not enough. Finland has 553 howitzers. That's probably enough.

  28. You're right, its not enough. And its not just howitzers we lack, we need more of everything really. But we cant really be expected to have the same amount as Finland, being a much smaller country. When it comes to % of GDP, Estonia invests as much as Finland does into defense.

  29. He's not just a beast. He is Mr Beast.

  30. Sharing the semiconductor technology with an ex-soviet country 🤔. What a brilliant idea.

  31. Lithuania is a respectable, democratic country asshat.

  32. I don't know if you are just kidding but the loss of soledar is a bit of Russian progress. Ukraine needs more gear and man, seemingly the momentum is swinging at least a little. Not a good thing.

  33. Last I heard soledar is still contested, despite russia claiming victory.

  34. I’ve said this since launch but I really think Great runes should have had two levels to their bonuses - a weaker bonus that is always on and a stronger one that you need to activate with a Rune arc.

  35. I'm on my third playthrough and havent used a single rune arc lol

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