1. How old are you? You def have a lot of patience. I would’ve unmatched on the second message.

  2. Did they have merch? I’m going to see them soon so i’d like to know he

  3. My 3month old baby started having small swollen lips (left side) 2weeks ago before he had his vaccine and It grew a little bigger. I went back to the vet and says that it’s allergy, since no infection or redness were seen, they gave him an anti-allergy but it didn’t go away. It kept on coming back and it’s already our third time coming back to the vet and still allergies (though sometimes it really swell down).

  4. Bought this one (wet food as per his Vet) slowly introduced it to him but he eats a little and resulted to watery poop. :( but will change entirely his food to this to that I can check if it’s his current food is the issue.

  5. Do not do wet food. Do kibble only. My husky would also get diarrhea with wet food. Try the Royal Canin hypoallergenic kibble. Trust me.

  6. I’m the girl in the bathroom doing coke with you and listening intently like fuck yea, man

  7. I believe the man should dictate the direction of the relationship... Not her... The man decides when he proposes... When he marries her... When they move in... All of it...

  8. Try being a woman, and encountering men that just want to fuck around. I feel like most women want something serious, as opposed to men.

  9. If this is Zoomer gibberish to you, maybe you should date people your age.

  10. Yeah if they don’t ask a question in return the first time i message them, i unmatch. Fuck that.

  11. Aww what an innocent velvet hippo! 🥰 it waa just trying to nanny her face /s

  12. It wasn’t the water that triggered this. It was her shrieking, noise making and head shaking that got his attention.

  13. I’ve shrieked, yelled, screamed, and shaken my head in front of a number of other dog breeds yet i’ve never been mauled. Don’t blame the victim for “triggering” the dog; blame the dog instead. And

  14. I’m not a mother yet, but there’s one thing that’s for sure: i’m never letting my parents meet my future children (if i have them). I’m currently low contact with them, and when (and if) i get married and have a family, i will keep them “a secret.” I also come from a culture where abusive parents are the norm (Latin America). My parents have always been abusive toward me. And just seeing how they treat my niece, is enough reason to not have them be a part of my life. They beat my niece, verbally abuse her, say horrible things to her, etc. I’m not exposing my kids to that shit. Your husband should support your decisions. He wasn’t raised by your parents, so he doesn’t know them, but you do. And he should trust you in your decisions. It’s his children we’re talking about here. He should be protective of them 24/7.

  15. A couple of days before my Husky died from cancer, my mom saw her late cat run into the hallway. She didn’t tell me this until after my dog got really really sick and i had to put her down. I think he came to take her to Heaven. A lot of people report experiences like these. I do think it was your cat’s spirit seeing you one last time.

  16. No, honey. You’re 20 years old and he’s 37. You’re both at completely different stages in your lives. You’re young and have a whole life ahead of you. Go and explore everything the world has to offer. I want to see you find yourself first, and reach your full potential before you settle down. I know you will do great things and will be a successful woman.

  17. This is where I’m torn. They’re wild animals, they don’t brush their teeth out there 😅 she rarely gets table scraps and if it is, it’s food a dog would eat. Meat, steamed veggies, etc. I’m just concerned about future problems it could cause in older dogs. And if I can avoid that now I’d rather do so.

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