1. If only the goddamn logo followed this as well

  2. Not sure why you need to go to such extra lenghts, he seems pretty decent as he is

  3. It's so weird to me because if anything you'd think GW would make them awesome to upsell the new model. Even with strike first, +1 to hit on the charge, and twice as many attacks, they still were not good in the last edition. Only thing keeping them in the game was the khorne marked prince with blood slicked ground. Only real time a daemon prince is worth it nowadays is if your exalted hero rolls box cars for eye of the gods, and even then I might still rather have the extra rend. Damn shame.

  4. Yep, it's ridiculous. The only reason I can think of why they made the dp this weak is to not have a 100pts exalted hero become too powerful via daemonhood

  5. Just run them as halberd warriors. Way too small to look like chosen

  6. It's made for their internal audience who suck it up, doesn't matter how fake or ridiculous

  7. Nice and tidy but too many colors imo

  8. Counterpoint: Lord on Corkadork looks cooler. Checkmate.

  9. Silly lizard vs chad horse? Hell naw

  10. Nice sculpt but now he looks like baby Archaon

  11. Interesting paint scheme, the white armor looks pretty good but the blue doesn't fit at all, imo red would be better

  12. Interesting, I appreciate the critique. I personally think the blue should be toned down a little more. My warriors will have red as a complimentary color with blue accents, so I’ll take your advice on the bulk of the infantry

  13. Good point, if the blue was toned down maybe it would then fit better

  14. Obviously the badass grimdark cyborg over the edgelord with a pimp cane

  15. Same, not a fan of either the sorc lord or the khagra one, though I have both. I'm thinking of getting the Curseling as a third sorc for a cabalists list

  16. Yes, they're both RTS games, but very different ones

  17. Agree, I hate going through the parks for the quest line. And killing everyone is wasted potential

  18. Why does this matter? Isn't it on the bottom?

  19. All these comments about body shaming are ridiculous. Was Greta insulting his dick? No, because she hasn't fucking seen it. This has nothing to do with body shaming.

  20. Standing in front of a man talking about their penis insecurities and saying “haha you have a small dick” is body shaming

  21. Because I like assembly more than painting; I like my models complete and sturdy; I paint very slowly and want to play with them even unpainted; the rare inconvenience of painting somewhere hard to reach has not dissuaded me yet.

  22. I drilled holes in mine and used screws

  23. Yep. Fallout is #1145. Terribly underrated imo.

  24. For one thing, the DP cannot gain Eye of the Gods as he is not Mortal, so Favoured of the Pantheon is useless on him.

  25. Chaos lord 40mm base and exalted hero 32mm base? Despite the book pics show 40mm base on exalted hero and 32 on chaos lord?

  26. I think the lord has been sold with a 40mm for some time now. But yeah the new Exalted is def on a 40mm

  27. In this Case it really is a Problem with the armies.

  28. Solid advice mostly but I'd suggest not worrying about the meta or GHBs for newbies, and just play some Open Play or Matched Play from the core book.

  29. HOT DAMN those are some nice highlights on the armor. Thought that was an actual reflection

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