1. That works, but when you get near your goal the last 10-15 lbs will take a looooooooong time.

  2. Right, I figure that since that's what I'm going to eat anyways, might as well start now.

  3. what do you mean by that? they'll mildly vary size to size as well.

  4. Mainly want to know how many inches from the ground to the ankle they are.

  5. Wouldn't the measurement just be, the ground to your actual ankle? The only variable here is the 0.25" soles and the insole (depending on if classic or skate versions)

  6. I just want to know how high on the ankle they go

  7. Does anyone know the height in inches of these from the bottom up?

  8. Ya I figured as much. I can't imagine fasting to overcome a bad diet. That sounds like torture.

  9. It's the key to be successful with CICO. Anyone who has only focused on CICO with out some sort of diet, will likely fail.

  10. Does it take longer to get fat adapted if you have ONE cheat day in 6 weeks?

  11. So I failed this Thanksgiving. 4 weeks in ketosis. Starting again tomorrow. Really tried my best to only eat turkey but the pressure was too much. I did however get a lot of compliments on losing weight so that made me feel great. So I'm definitely going to get back on the ketosis grind to get fat adapted ASAP. Just wondering if I have to start over again or am I still 4 weeks in with a pitstop?

  12. Thanks. And yes I'm going to fast since I have tons of experience with it I'm going for a 24hr fast no problem.

  13. Can you make an appointment with his dietitian at the clinic? They might be able to help look at his diet and make recommendations to help.

  14. The dietitian was very helpful early on with recommending food to lower his potassium but his A1C problem is something more recent. That being said I am trying to help with his diet as well but this is something that is very difficult as he still eats things he isn't supposed to all be it in lower quantities.

  15. Until he is willing to adhere to a diet conducive to his goals you will be fighting an uphill battle. Does her prefer living/improved quality of life … or food? Should be a no brainer but I’ve realized for many they just won’t stop eating the crap even if fixing their diet will save them

  16. Yes it's true. Unfortunately my father is one of those people who just figures his situation is hopeless and so eats whatever he wants 😢. That being said he eats really small portions when he does eat.

  17. I just started my keto journey on Halloween. I have been in ketosis ever since. I don't want to get out of ketosis until I get fat adapted in a couple of weeks. I won't binge eat anything if I fail to avoid carbs today but I will feel like a have to start over again.

  18. I already know keto has negative connotation to it, so I just tell people im on a low carb diet.

  19. Aren’t Keto and Low Carb Diet similar anyway? With a low carb diet I imagine you consume more carbs then a ketogenic

  20. It is similar but not exactly the same. Keto is more carbs restrictive. I just tell people im low carb to avoid arguing.

  21. If you did not read her tweets in her accent, you have failed the vibe check.

  22. Most people start off at 200lbs and up. Losing too much would be a good thing.

  23. This! I'm very interested in autophagy because I'm already seeing some loose skin with the amount of weight I've lost. The other "clean out" info is fascinating. Thank you for sharing!

  24. I had no idea autophagy helped with loose skin. Interesting.

  25. Try measuring your waist. Try burning more calories. I would say try eating less but with fasting you should be good on that.

  26. It might break your fast if fasting but not knock you out of ketosis. People often confuse the two.

  27. I'm more surprised I never tried it. I was hard headed and thought I could just fast to lose weight. Wrong. But at least I'm good at fasting now.

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