Megathread: What's going on with Ukraine and Russia?

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  1. He messaged a prostitute, even if he didn’t fuck them, that would be enough for me to leave right there. It’s kinda obvious I think.

  2. You’re right that no one truly didn’t care about looks, BUT they could accomplish that by not casting the people who literally say “I’ve always gone for guys who are 6 ft 5 and insanely hot in the past” I’ve heard this from a ton of people. If that’s all they like it’s all they’re going to continue to like.

  3. Their casting directors should honestly be fired after this season.

  4. Bought her flowers that same day and took her on a date to see the new ant man lol I could not have been more shocked, well, I new something was up because she wouldn’t hold my hand in the car like she normally did. She said “my hand hurts” and when she walked inside she dropped her flowers in front of the door before I even left her driveway.

  5. That's a bit fucked up not to respond to you, but anyway she might cheat on you and you might have to go on Cheater's.

  6. I would’ve been like “it’s ok. I’d prefer it if you were Asian”.

  7. I said something like that ngl, she got pissed and hung up on me over ft

  8. It’s okay I guess but I feel like without lockjaw or whatever it’s called it’s kinda rough still but it’s the best deck I currently play, I still think it’s less than 50 percent win rate without the jet and the dog

  9. Much like how Americans threw a tantrum when Russia attempted to set up shop in Cuba (or Ally with any other Latin American country)... America threw a tantrum and threatened war with Russian over trying to have military bases, missiles, and especially nukes within minutes striking distance from the US Capital and other major cities, giving America little time to launch a counter-strike if a surprise/pre-emptive strike occurred.

  10. Not a piss, THE piss. Taking the piss means making fun of, usually in a light hearted way.

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