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  1. His daughter would be about 10 in January 2019, based on the 2009 news article that dated he had a 1 year old daughter.

  2. Imagine this young man, and how much life he would have and should have lived still, and the mature man he would be today. Happy Birthday Isaiah.

  3. This older, devout Catholic me would be livid. I am all for religion and voluntary religious practices. I'm totally against captive audiences of public employees being subjected to this. (Then again, being raised Catholic in the Southeast makes me more aware of persecution by other religious faiths.)

  4. Yikes being Catholic in the South is like being a 1st century Christian lol. I give you credit, surviving amongst all those Prots

  5. Wow. Religious head covering? Wait. Most Christians don’t cover their head. So the girl isn’t Christian but forced to do Christian prayer?

  6. Some Catholic women will cover their heads at Mass. Not usual outside of the religious service though (ie walking around in public) besides certain orders of nuns.

  7. Idk. People also are always acting like that have to give 2 weeks notice. You don’t (in general). People just get a job and don’t worry about employment laws. Which is what employers want.

  8. Some humans are okay to kill, and some are not. That’s the basic premise.

  9. Psychopath, which a not a mental illness, it’s a personality disorder.

  10. As a short, chubby, average looking female it absolutely is. I’ve observed it my whole life. Some men totally act different around women they find attractive. I’ve had brief periods in life where I lost weight and got hotter, and absolutely was treated differently

  11. Nope never have, except one time when we had an elderly intersex patient, so you weren’t shocked and knew about it.

  12. No. And what money? It doesn’t pay that great where I live. And many nursing jobs aren’t 3 12… and you’re still working fulltime anyway

  13. This is my 5 year old daughter. I’m dead. Burn before I die I have to share this with all my family so we can laugh about how this is my daughter. She even has the same phonological errors 🙃

  14. The thing is (especially in the 80s and 90s) above ground pools weren't that big or deep compared to inground pools.

  15. My above ground pool as a kid was a big ass Esther Williams brand that my parents took down from my aunts house and put up in our yard. My aunt has probably gotten it in the early 80s. I think it was 27’ around with the attached deck. 4’ deep and slightly deeper in the middle. That thing was a beast. It’s ruined all other above ground pools for me.

  16. Every day all day. And now I have kids who demand to be fed. It’s weird to me that other people just cook meals like it’s not horrible to figure out what to make

  17. Most drunk drivers have a profession. From politicians and Hollywood to fast food workers. Being a drunk loser doesn’t discriminate.

  18. And the 24-week fetus becomes a child that never walks, never talks and just screams and thrashes whenever touched.

  19. That’s not true. They may have some lasting issues but assuming they’re all destined to a lifelong vegetable is dramatic. There are plenty of former premature babies living normal lives.

  20. You need to consider that not all democrats are pro, not all republicans are anti, and there’s independents who are all over the place. Are they enough to sway votes? Probably not. But black and white thinking isn’t going to help.

  21. I listen to a podcast that covered this, and after they had those same questions, an old employee wrote in. Apparently, there had been an earlier altercation/issue and one of the two aides had to leave to deal with it. Company policy is that someone needs to be with the kids at all times. When Serenity ran off, there was only one aide and they couldn't leave to go after her.

  22. This. People don’t realize the bare bones staffing at places like this.

  23. So why’d the two staffers get fired and the ED have to admit they made mistakes if they didn’t do anything wrong? I’d argue they didn’t do anything right, starting from not having a protocol in place to mitigate children running into the wilderness.

  24. Because the center has to blame it on someone. They were probably chronically understaffed, and had too many children (which behavioral issues) to watch. Higher ups aren’t going to blame themselves for not hiring adequate staffing to begin with

  25. This is scary from a basic safety perspective, let alone educational.

  26. I say vulva. My pet peeve is when people say vagina when they really mean vulva, and are so proud of themselves for using the “correct” anatomical term with their kid😏

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