1. I read a story about this guy who was doing LSD an got hit in the head an started speaking french,he spoke English an never took french a day in his life .So maybe we can also be reprogrammed.

  2. Guys I literally have convinced myself that I have leukemia 😭

  3. Lol it's ok OP,if I stump my toe sometime s I convince myself I have cancer.

  4. Lunch, coffee, book maybe, harmonica,crazy glue, bike tools, fire starting kit, cba for work, pen, bandanna, miswak tooth cleaning stick

  5. Where I'm from we use this.Colgate Extra Clean Toothbrush, Full Head, Soft  (6 Count)

  6. I'm going to call bullshit, but lets all go to New Mexico and try find them ourselves! ROAD TRIP!

  7. Yep. But I'd get too scared out in the woods by myself.

  8. It's an axe for fairy,( Source)I use to hunt with them thousands of years ago.

  9. We call that jello, but…on ice cream??? I’ve never heard of that

  10. Wait a goddam minute, people actually put jello on ice cream?

  11. I didn't know I was supposed to be looking for him lieutenant Dan.

  12. There’s always some cunt smoking where I wanna eat 😂

  13. A fleshlight. At the time i received it i had a gf and she was like" you will use me not the pocket pussy" and i said " say leesssssss" so i threw it out. Now i'm sad cause i had 1 opportunity to use one

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