1. Even if it was legit why would you open a joint financial account with a random person you don't really know?

  2. Record what trades he took and when before you forget. Write next to each trade his reasons for entering/exiting each trade.

  3. I mean I doubt that the leadership of the YPG and the AANES expected the status quo to remain forever. They knew the end path is either heaven or hell and most likely HELL.

  4. In a few years he is going to be turning the page too. Qatar with it's unlimited wealth tried to play a bigger role in the region by siding with islamic groups both moderate (relatively speaking) and extremists. So far none of the groups they bet on have succeeded.

  5. Second time this season Inter awaits till the end to secure the win. Unlike their game vs Lecce they got lucky to walk away with 3 points this game

  6. More so than Syria/Lebanon but less so than many other Arab countries. Iraq has a sizable Kurdish population and similar to Syria and Lebanon many people are mixed either with Assyrian blood or Persian. Not to mention the Turkeministanis.

  7. Napoli is a serious threat in Serie A but apparently they might be a threat in the CL too

  8. Matip is back from injury right? Even him at 75% fit is better than a healthy Gomez.

  9. Wow Onana is having a good match so far. Too bad Inzaghi won't play him in the league just yet.

  10. Tuchel and Pochettino are terrible coaches and there are people in this sub that would rather see them coach us rather than Allegri.

  11. When Pogba and Chiesa go back in that team they will probably win the title.

  12. Well I have to call someone a terrorist , Poch is fired.

  13. Paredes was amazing today. Exactly what we have been missing all these years. Played many great forward passes and was able to dribble the ball forward.

  14. Never understood why RM didnt invest in a sub striker in case Benzene gets injured.

  15. They went for mbappe haaland and Jesus, it’s not like they didn’t try to do it

  16. Yeah but a sub striker doesn't have to be a big name. MILIK was available before Juve picked him up. Dzeko was available too. Any experienced striker would be a decent option.

  17. I get we have many issues to deal with but what i don't understand is why is our first touch so horrendous? For a team that mainly plays short passes our first touch should be on point.

  18. Juve will win. You saw it first here

  19. 20 years in the can I wanted a shawrma. I compromised I ate falafel made by an annoying Islamist instead.

  20. Lol, ofc you did. You were losing the ball inside your half and Sassuolo finding space between the lines. Also, ofc it matters, we are talking about performances here not results. Ikn ikn, Allegri propaganda, performances don't matter right?!

  21. Yeah i mean it's not Allegri propaganda it is how we play. We rarely dominate in possession and the ball spends more time in our third than the opponent's third. We won 9 titles in a row playing this way. Even under Sarri we were kinda similar. Pirlo was a bit different in the sense that we scored way more goals but we were still under pressure alot.

  22. You should understand that at old Juve you had a team filled with World Class players and world class defense. That team doesn't exist any more, so the same style should be considered in a different context.

  23. No i meant the youngsters from the academy and Gatti who has no experience playing in Serie A. The rest of the signings need some time to adapt.

  24. No I'll take a shit show display and one point and leave the entertainment football for the mid table teams like Spezia and Udinese and no points

  25. He was amazing against Roma and Spezia. Everyone is to blame for the way we played against Fiorentina. Even at our worst we managed to tie Fiorentina in Florence. RELAX!

  26. First they tied healthcare to your employment status and then they tied your retirement account to your employment status and now they are going to make sure your shelter is also tied to your employment status. What's next?

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