1. ? This is a wild take. They voted for the people we told them would suppress voters, then they got suppressed. And... now... You're mad at the people saying "we told you so"....? And not mad at the people suppressing voters?

  2. Not everyone in red states vote Republican. There are lots of people in those states who vote blue, canvass and donate to Democratic candidates, and do various other things to cause change in their states.

  3. Not everyone, but most. That's... kinda why theyre red lol. It's how it works.

  4. It's not Texas and Florida's fault their state Democratic Parties are fucking incompetent.

  5. I'm getting tired of privileged blue-staters shaming people in red states for their politicians, when red states, especially Texas, have RAMPANT voter suppression.

  6. I'm getting tired of privileged blue-staters shaming people in red states for their politicians, when red states, especially Texas, have RAMPANT voter suppression.

  7. I spent every weekend this summer and fall trying to get out voters in Ohio. Too many people just don't care.

  8. You spent every weekend of last fall and summer trying to get people to vote?

  9. I'm getting tired of privileged blue-staters shaming people in red states for their politicians, when red states, especially Texas, have RAMPANT voter suppression.

  10. I do understand the irony. And oddy enough, I recently helped collect clothes (adult and kid) and blankets for a local women’s shelter for women who are trying to get back on their feet via leaving abusive situations. I’m rooting for them. Why? They’re fighting to take control of their lives.

  11. Not everyone in Texas is a MAGA Republican who voted for Abbott. 3.5 MILLION Texans voted for Beto, more than the combined population of Wyoming, Montana, and North and South Dakota, and that's WITH some of the worst voter suppression in the country.

  12. Do you ever feel like Reddit overestimates how closely the average American follows politics?

  13. The Spider-Man musical was so bad, SESAME STREET made fun of it.

  14. Here are the statewide offices in Texas.

  15. There are a lot of "Texans deserve to freeze because they voted for Abbott!" posts online.

  16. No they failed because we keep getting weak candidates . We knew Beto had no chance with moderates but threw him out there anyways even with a state loss and a failed federal campaign . That’s only one example . Mike Collier already had 2 state losses under his belt and who the hell was Rochelle Garza ? We can’t blame gerrymandering on these elections . Democrats use to run Texas when they were known as conservative democrats then they had a message ever since the party has went more liberal they have lost the message that really effects the state . Texas isn’t a red and blue state there’s a lot of purple in between .

  17. I just can't believe Democrats are having so much trouble getting elected in Texas. And I'm not just talking about for Governor, Lt. Governor, Senator, or Attorney General. No Democrat has won ANY position for statewide office since 1994. Think about how frequently Texas has elections, and how many statewide positions Texas has. Democrats haven't won ANY of them in 30 years.

  18. one of the most ineffective state party chairs in the country. He keeps getting reelected by provincial, near-feudal insiders while the TDP's staff has constant changeover. His legacy is a caste of preferred vendors, consultants and advisors ... winning elections not so much.

  19. The Texas Democratic Party is the Glass Joe of political parties.

  20. How have Oklahoma, Alabama, North Dakota, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and South Dakota all had more Democrats elected to statewide office than Texas in the past 30 years, despite all of them being REDDER than Texas? Even UTAH has elected more.

  21. If you were a betting person, what Texas county would you say is the next to flip blue?

  22. Reading some posts on social media that Texans deserve to lose power because they re-elected Abbott.

  23. Do we have to go through this every time there's a cold front?

  24. Tired of people acting like all Texans are MAGA Republicans.

  25. Tired of people blaming Texans for Abbott, Patrick and Paxton winning.

  26. This is why Democrats need to do more to fight voter suppression besides telling people to "vote harder".

  27. Like I said, another problem is that the Texas Democratic Party is incompetent. I don't understand why people blame Texans for not voting, when 9 MILLION Texans didn't vote. When that many people decide not to vote, ESPECIALLY after a power grid failure, a water crisis, a horrific school shooting, and an abortion ban all happen under the current party in charge, that's not just a voter suppression problem or an apathy problem, that's a complete failure on the part of a political party to motivate their base and potential voters. I could understand blaming Texans if 1 million, maybe 2 million, didn't vote. But when 9 million don't vote, that's not the fault of the voters, it means one party sucks at getting people to vote for them.

  28. What sports team would fit better, then? The New York Mets?

  29. How about the Bad News Bears? Or Charlie Brown's baseball team?

  30. Is there a chance we could oust Tate Reeves in November?

  31. Democrats need to do more to protect voting rights and combat voter suppression besides telling people to "just vote harder".

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