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  1. horse: "Guys i need this job to survive"

  2. Vaush can't get fucked by a car cock. your argument is invalid.

  3. Yooo what'd you do to your hand, friend? Hope that heals quick.

  4. I'm put wrist brace on my frostbite

  5. Tfw you overfeed your Pyrogotchi

  6. I expect more push to normalize fetishes as people end up with no other causes to fight for. Obscure times ahead, indeed.

  7. Fortunately I haven't seen a single person defend her BS other than the school, (apparently) she works at. I could be wrong though.

  8. There will always be fringe nutjobs who defend insane bullshit. 5 years from now hopefully it won't be confused for trans advocacy. This isn’t trans advocacy, this person is just fucking insane.

  9. Damn, no wonder he left that monster.

  10. "Artists will find a new job. Painting belongs to AI programmers now." -Actual fucking sociopaths

  11. "Nnnnooooooo you don't understand, the AI learns from the art I took from thousands of real artists, don't you understand how much time and effort goes into putting words into this AI brain I didn't create?? I'm an ARTIST!!!"

  12. My favorite AI renders are the ones i'm seeing now where they get the style to look exactly like the art style of living working artists. In a few years these bots will be able to make art more reliably than the artist whose work it's using. This is the future, there's no space for creative jobs for long. Leave that to the computers and programers. Artists can just find different jobs.

  13. Quit posting plagiarized AI art. You can even see the fucking patreon logos up in the corner.

  14. Damn, they took so exclusively from the real artist to 'make' this that their Patreon banner is almost actually legible. This shit is pathetic..

  15. The AI spits out an image from a slurry of information, sourced from hundreds of artists and references. This is also, unironically, how the human brain works as well. You grow an artist in a white empty room and they won’t be able to produce anything like this because of lack of external stimulus. Our brains are fragile and very, very reliant.

  16. You have no artistic talent so you play with a computer program someone else made and spit out talentless work you put no real effort into.

  17. You're legitimately a fucking dumbass if you paint your views on countries from what you hear on Reddit 😂

  18. Then don't be a dumbass. Learn from the news, and the recent election. Lmao

  19. I don’t know why I got downvoted, I just stated facts. I disagree with the facts and I don’t like the system.

  20. Idk man. It's Reddit. Downvote is just what people do.

  21. Jeez. If that's all, they need much stronger stuff!

  22. So what happens... if... i don't get off...?

  23. We are the same level, and I have 13 credits. Why you have so many credits. Share the credits.

  24. I had around 3 million credits by the time I hit 100, but I'm pretty sure that's because I spent hours and hours playing without core hunting. A lot of the credits i got just got saved.

  25. I just started it somewhat recently. I would say it takes like 20-30 episodes because that's when most of the main cast is introduced. Before that it's not bad but has weird pacing.

  26. I believe it. It just hasn't happened yet because I have SO MANY shows i gotta watch. Lol

  27. Are you saying the ai isn't a real artist? No need to be so mean, robots have feelings too.

  28. Enough AI shit. Post real artists.

  29. What if we only fit one of the conditions? lol

  30. You take an L and learn to like Ninjago more, clearly.

  31. Yeah yeah, you're a transphobe. L.

  32. Thad driller is just a loser. Let him finish the mission for you and take the free exp, or watch him fail it and mock him for thinking he could pull it off. Lol

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