1. Yes! It's amazing in every aspect. And if you enjoy virtual photography you'll have the time of your life with this one, the photo mode is stunning.

  2. I second this, never really been into photo modes in games but I caught myself using it all the time in this one. It’s a work of art.

  3. It changes all the time but I think it’s gotta be Brienne VII AFFC. To me it sums up everything I love about the series, all the darkness and despair only makes these moments of hope and heroism even more poignant and true.

  4. Not sure about a top ten but Syrio Forel might be my number one, then Arthur Dayne, then probably Oberyn, then Barriston, then Jamie, then Bobby B.

  5. I know, I took his size into account, I just think he’s still more effective per pound then people like Brienne, Loras, Garlan etc.

  6. I always read it as ironic symbolism for Tywin’s damaging obsession with legacy and the perception of his family. He works so hard and hurts so many people (including his own children) in order to be feared and respected, but ultimately, after all is said and done, all that’s left is a stinking corpse.

  7. Probably just inherited from Jaehaerys? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and all that.

  8. GRRM initial concerns and now approving are encouraging yes and I didn’t know certain people had the privilege of seeing the first episode- also encouraging, just learned that now from another helpful commenter.

  9. I get your concerns but my main question is who you think “they” are? There’s a new team involved and as a show that has such a huge release, the creators are going to get a lot of freedom to adapt the story, at a certain point studios like HBO can’t make story decisions such as “cut this” or “simplify that”, it’s up to the show runners, who we have no reason to expect that from yet.

  10. Fair points and yes should give the new show runners a fair shot to some degree. I just responded to someone else that the core issue is it’s always going to be better in my head 😂, which by no means do I feel like I suggested here that is a reasonable argument.

  11. Fair enough, hope you give it a shot though, and if it’s not for you then it’s not for you.

  12. Maybe Jaime or Dany. Both ended the last book with a big cliffhanger to start the new one with.

  13. I think I agree with you on the Jon thing. Death and resurrection changes people in this world, so it could be super effective to not actually know what’s going on in Jon’s head. It’s always been my thinking that Jon is going to comeback a tortured, angry and sad prophecy zombie, just hearing bits and pieces of what he’s doing from other people I think would be the most interesting way of getting that across. Could do POV chapters later on in the book though. Ultimately I trust George though.

  14. Gut predictions are Sybel Spicer for prologue. First chapter after that? Jaime or Melisandre

  15. Yeah even with all the crazy shit going on, Jaime and Brienne’s storyline still might be what I’m most hype for.

  16. Yh I agree, assuming he does succeed in finishing up the viewpoint/ viewpoints, it’s a pretty great sign for the current state of the book. Another point that gives me a bit more hope is that the first mention of a POV finishing for ADWD was only a year and a half before it was released, and that was a minor character, while we are 99% sure that he is currently finishing Tyrion, who George has said has a lot of chapters. I think the updates between now and the end of the year are gonna be very telling, but at the moment late 2023 isn’t looking completely unlikely.

  17. If I’m not wrong someone said that once ADWD was finished it only took 3-4 months for it to be published and out in stores

  18. Yeah I think that’s accurate, the fact that George edits quite a bit as he goes and also because of his status as a writer mean he has a very quick turnaround with his books.

  19. Damn, looks really good. I get people being cautious in terms of hype, but we can’t pretend that everything they’ve shown so far hasn’t been stellar.

  20. Yeah I’d be really down for him writing an episode or two for Hot D down the road. Though we would all want the next book as soon as possible, it’s clear that George really enjoys writing these scripts of his story in live action, plus he wrote some damn good episodes of GOT so it’s a win win. And for people who are against him doing anything that doesn’t relate to writing the next book in the main series, if we’ve waited this long for one book, we can hold off an extra month for the next one, plus it could definitely act to fuel his love for the series and give him a boost, something that I feel HOTD has already done so far.

  21. Good to see George is healthy and squared away. Apparently the strain of covid going around now is super contagious but less harmful.

  22. Yeah this is my thinking as well, I think a huge difficulty with Winds is the positioning of characters at the end of the book, so the fact that he’s starting to get an idea of where big players are gonna be ending the story is a pretty good sign for the rest of them.

  23. Probably has to be Sansa, I love how George uses her to portray and dissect ideas around romanticisation in the context of a medieval fantasy world. She feels like a character type that is too often just put in a box, so seeing George explore the way her views and actions change while this world she loved so much screws her over is both incredibly sad and interesting to read.

  24. I’m pretty sure a lot of the theory’s revolve around Tommen dying first and then being brought back, either through Qyburn or as a white. This would also explain why Tommen would kill his mother in the first place.

  25. Good question, in terms of a general history book, I would love some more detail on Oldtown and the forming of The Citadel and the history’s and practices of the maesters throughout the years. Seeing how and why certain pieces of knowledge were discovered and recorded would be incredible to me. Not to mention the internal politics would be super complex I imagine.

  26. As cool as this would be, I get the feeling the George does not want something as clean cut as this.

  27. Personally, I think at this point of the story Jon might be a sad zombie saviour figure which would make ‘clean’ and conventional moments like these a bit more edgy and harrowing, just my thoughts.

  28. I think it would be cool to see Jon come back as this prophecy zombie champion against the others. It just seems like something GRRM would do, build up Jon the whole series as our protagonist, have him be the leader against the long night, but also have that not really be the Jon we knew, a shell of a young man who is being pushed along by an insatiable need to win the war, leaving room for very little of the boy we knew. Just my thoughts.

  29. Thanks again for the link, but it seems like Jim was talking about the show's production design philosophy (since he's the production designer). I don't think that quote is strongly indicative of the HotD's approach to chronology and lore.

  30. Yeah I’d tend to agree. From the fact they’ve mentioned it so little, I think that they aren’t making a big deal about whether it’s canon or not, probably because 1. It doesn’t really matter since it’s set hundreds of years before the events. 2. So they can do stuff like changing the iron throne design and most likely other structures or locations. And 3. Because I think they are more concerned with adhering to the book the show is based on rather then the TV show of the books that made its own changes to that source material. But at the same time they don’t want to completely disassociate themselves from one of the biggest TV shows of all time by saying that it’s not connected, I think this is in the middle ground.

  31. I'm a very slow reader because my attention isn't great and I often end up re-reading pages right after reading them. That being said the first time reading Storm I blew through it quickly because it was so damn good I couldn't stop reading. It can take a few chapters to get going but once it does, it feels like every chapter is better than the last. It can feel like a daunting task but don't stress it. You'll definitely enjoy it and it'll go a lot quicker than you expect. It won't feel like 1000 pages

  32. Definitely agree. I’m a pretty slow reader as well and I remember breezing through this the first time and loving pretty much every page. Don’t get me wrong, I love the slightly slower pace of the later 2 books, actually I think I prefer it, but the way things are constantly happening and changing in ASOS made it incredibly difficult to put down, I just needed to know what happened next and and I was never disappointed with what it was. This is probably the most ‘eventful’ book and has some incredible POV arcs, both new and old. And plus, who cares if it takes you a long time to finish? They are about enjoyment and as long as you’re enjoying yourself then it doesn’t matter if that enjoyment is spread over 1 big book or 4 smaller sized ones.

  33. Nope. I was referring more to the fact that HBO seems to have higher highs then other studios/ streaming services. Obviously this quality isn’t consistent across the board.

  34. I do recall few but not many great costumes (and more bad than good like Littlefinger's funeral suit instead of his ever-changing rainbow, same goes for Euron and Daario being downgraded from the books) which briefly got better in season 7, I recall plenty of filming in lush areas that weren't built for the show like Iceland and Dubronik but otherwise the sets were neither accurate nor cool-looking (but the ice-climbing scenes were really well-done) and I don't recall any impressive cinematography other than the Battle of the Bastards in season 6.

  35. Fair enough, I think we just have different standards of what constitutes this kindve stuff.

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