1. What kind of third world conservative country are we talking here, Afghanistan, Sudan, Alabama?

  2. Real question: in real life how often is it that women beg or demand much of anything from you romantically? If you want women to fuck off, why keep whining about them? Why not just play the part and move on?

  3. So none? That’s what I figured. If you aren’t what these women want and they aren’t begging you or demanding it from you, why are you crying? Fuck off like you said. They aren’t going to lose sleep over not hearing back from a guy who doesn’t possess the traits they’re looking for. So what’s the issue?

  4. What's the matter? Lose your nerve over a nobody's opinion?

  5. A friend of mine who is in IITKgp was asked to fuck a chair publically as "ragging". I hope something fun like this happens to you😂

  6. I will rip your heart out and feed it to you. And i will cut off your hands and legs. And then i will pop both of your eyes.

  7. Bhai max mukka marke दांत tod diyo bsdwalo ke

  8. I will only take extreme measures if my parents and the college authorities turn blind eye to it. It's the last resort.

  9. Abbe chomu laal sun, if college and parents turn on blind eye, you can complain to police instead of inviting police in your home and parents home for investigation in charge of murder

  10. If you live in India then you know how useless police are here

  11. I rather do it myself....i don't need anyone, they all turned their backs on me once time gets hard.

  12. The worst thing about ragging is the normalisation imo. People who get ragged try to cope with it so hard that when a new batch of juniors enters the college they start ragging them in the name of 'making them tough', or 'teaching them life lessons'. They just can't accept that what happened to them was wrong and have to convince themselves that it was a good thing by doing it to others. And so the cycle continues.

  13. Is this the first time this happened? If so, give it a few days. Express you're sorry and how you will TELL HIM if you're tired BEFORE plans the next time. Compensate for potential costs.

  14. 2 years ago... be easier on yourself. Your friend is overreacting in my opinion honestly.

  15. Congratulations vroooo. I'm also very excited for college. Btw what's your %ile?

  16. Maybe you're that kind of person who records a video instead of helping. See my comment history, I help people whatever I can irrespective of gender.

  17. Just think for a sec...you are right that people will help but nothing compares the amount of people (mostly guys) willing to help a girl vs a guy.

  18. Sorry then, I may lack common sense. But how you assumed all 200 commenters as simps is beyond my little 'common sense'. After genuinely helping someone, seeing this kind of post has disappointed me a bit.

  19. Let's just say we have different interpretations

  20. Well it varies wildly depending on who you ask. I'm not very religious these days, but growing up I always learned that the "right" way to pray is not to ask for stuff, but rather to ask that God make your will align with His. In other words, you should pray that you want what God wants, because God's gonna do what God's gonna do, and you'll be a happier and better person if you and God want the same thing. Or something along those lines.

  21. Thanks....i had to grind for 2 hours straight to reach 250 legend level

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