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  1. Cobalt = Radioactive = Bad = Cancer = die

  2. I think it's better to ask a reddit such as

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i998eNhRmDg

  4. Kick the enemy and make them trip and roll on the floor to not loose the game

  5. cookie, browny, lucky, stripey : Guinea Pigs

  6. You can't die because you're consciesnse can't imagine not being conscious so you will live forever and can't die and will have unparallelled torture and pain forever. Or there's just nothing.

  7. The one in the background was made by the mix of love and cuteness

  8. Not shook hands but I gave the pope a scarf

  9. I never studied music, I just remember how it sounds and so far that has worked so what you said sadly doesn't make any sense in my brain. Also I just noticed that it doesn't have the right sound still, its better but can I still change the tone of the power chord a bit or is that not possible in ms v3

  10. You can learn the basics of music theory really fast. Download the PDF "Music theory for normal people" and work through it on your piano.

  11. yeah sadly no can do, I have studies for finals but thanks for the recommendation

  12. You could turn up the volume using the mixer

  13. When a physicist refers to a superheavy element as 'stable', they generally mean that it lasts a microsecond before disintegrating, rather than instantly. There are no stable nuclei heavier than bismuth, although some, like uranium-238, have very long half lives.

  14. "Vacuum energy (also called vacuum fluctuations or zero-point energy) is a sea of particles and antiparticles flashing briefly into and out of existence." The nothingness of space is 3 somethings stated below.



  17. Musk on tusk making a fuss on the bus

  18. I had a good friend that didn't really see eye to eye, politically. We were friends for 15 years, great friends. We just avoided the fact that I leaned Liberal, and he was quite Conservative.

  19. jeez, I me as a non-american can't understand why the USA is so split politically and that political views can create such bad conflicts.

  20. Our political differences were fine for nearly 15 years. But as Trump entered politics my friend changed. I mean we would still hang out even though our political differences were further apart than ever.

  21. Its sad, I find it upsetting that people follow Trump, he is manipulative and you can see some similarities between him and Mr Moustache. We discussed this topic yesterday and it is frigtening. Trump is giving the people what they want whilst spreading conspiracies and using his power to alter the law little by little. now imagine half of The USA following a corrupt leader believing everything he says without critical thinking. It can't end well. I feel bad for you loosing a friend due to politics.

  22. From the country I'm from people don't usually eat breakfast at home that's why they brush their teeth first.

  23. i wear them bc they're comfy inside the house and because they make my butt look good tbh

  24. yeah I told my friend this once that it makes her butt and even her front visible and she was clearly shocked. Well she kept on wearing them anyways. I have never worn leggings but have worn something similar and they were not comfortable lol.

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