1. This has jack shit to do with race. Until you brought it up.

  2. No. It doesn’t. Also it doesn’t make me uncomfortable. Nice try to deflect though.

  3. Dipshit reply’s and calls a direct response deflection - intelligence level 0

  4. Kids are so hypnotized with climate change nonsense, and they have no way to know it's all BS. Well maybe some that know how to program and look at the climate model source code would, but few others.

  5. Older age people are hypnotized into believing their own nonsense.

  6. If the leadership of SPS is this bad, how does anyone think the outcomes of this educational system will be beneficial for society?

  7. Cannabis and shroom lounge. Retro funky vibe, music, quiet spaces, light snack, mock tails, and a whole vibe.

  8. Do it. That’s it, that’s all. You’ll have a ball.

  9. Absolutely nothing. Not entitled enough to think I’m so important that traffic sees me.

  10. Typical Seattle: assholes break the law (no matter the degree, they are breaking a law) and they are deemed innocent despite being found to have had several outstanding warrants (same with "our" criminal assholes; shouldn't have been out of jail to commit more crimes, like this asshole). Walk out of Target with a big screen tv you didn't pay for? No problem and no jail time for you, fella. Steal cartloads of booze from QFC (and their cart!) and there will be no consequences for you, either. Law enforcement tries to enforce the actual law and get smacked for doing so. Anyone else now wonder why our cops are leaving Seattle?

  11. What’s the number please? Would be great to report somethings ASAP

  12. Washingtonians voted for the current Seattle City Council...

  13. Edit - Seattle voted for city council - fact, largest voting demographic was 65 older white men.

  14. You clicked the Commaders thinks it’s was 49’ers - similar color scheme - im guessing

  15. Oldest son 24, killed himself after years of mental abuse from his mother, who encouraged his suicide.

  16. Why is it that every GOP member is of questionable character that can easily be blackmailed into anything for their indiscretions.

  17. Seattle is a scary place. These comments about kids are terrifying. Definitely wouldn’t want to be black in SPS if this is how the general public perceives them.

  18. Dude! I've heard the same, people tell me there are literally nazi's and white supremes on every street corner.

  19. But a published propaganda piece from an org that is failing society tremendously? Would love to see that link. It’s one thing for civilian reporters to sensualize for likes, but this piece is a hit piece on young black males, children. Not the same as your why’t theory at all.

  20. Leave. You went for the paycheck. Be honest, your post is exactly about that, money. Kids are a byproduct of what you do. Save your sanity, leave now. It’s better for you and the kids, they will have many people come and go in life, phenomenal lesson you can teach them.

  21. Are you sarcastic? Also, where does the money part come off in my post. I surely am not reaching for the money. Lastly, if I finish the school year I’ll also be able to claim unemployment all summer.

  22. You end the paragraph talking about money. Zero sarcasm, being very serious. Protect your mental health working knowing you don’t want to be there. It’s fine, it’s ok, the children will not be hurt in any way. This generation is digital, they will move one and be ok. Protect yourself.

  23. Not as Much as the old white guys that keep for them. - not racist, statistically, data show’s majority of voters are 65 older white males. IJS

  24. It’s private owned. Bought with taxpayer money. It’s amazing we hire people to harass folks for a fare. All this could be avoided with a better ticketing system. There is zero reason to still be hiring that many people to harass other people, because of bad design.

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