1. I'd like to add that her attitude towards disability is a bit disheartening- she creates a fair amount of "inspiration porn" and has a charity/pity perspective of people with disabilities.

  2. She addressed this in a video kind of. She apologized to J(I think) for basically using him and his disabilities for views and said she felt bad about it

  3. genuine question, can you explain who the turpin family is? other than the same number of kids what else is similar between them? thanks!

  4. There’s actually a podcast on the Turpin family by Killer Queens if you’re interested. It’s a good listen but sad. It’s insane

  5. I will say that I was hoping there wouldn’t be any romance in this series buttttt I was lowkey rooting for her and Xavier. Although I do agree with her that she didn’t really give him a reason for him to like him, so how he feels about her def just seems like it’s based off of surface level things and I think a lot of his infatuation towards her comes from her being hard to read and “mysterious”. But I did like their whatever they had going on better than her and Tyler. Tyler seemed way more forced. Her and Xavier did seem more natural. And I like their little “banter”.

  6. Someone said how it kinda came full circle or something. Like Jen’s mom died of cancer. Judy gets cancer and dies/is dying from cancer. Judy couldn’t have a baby. Jen got pregnant.

  7. At my old job I had a customer come in to “pick up food for his wife”. His food wasn’t ready so we kind of just chatted a bit, and he was being pretty flirty for a guy who was married. He ended up asking me for my snap. I was 21/22 at the time and still didn’t know how to tell people no, so I gave him my snap, which I felt was weird if him to ask me for that since again, he was married. I also figured I could easily just block the dude. Whatever.

  8. I’ve gotten the threesome offer a few times and twice was asked to quit my job and move in as a second wife. People are crazy.

  9. Might be a tiny bit of an unpopular opinion seeing as that everyone loves her and her family but the Natalie girl with the Jack in the box dad. I’ve never seen anything problematic about them per say but her content annoys me and some things rub me the wrong way

  10. Well, no, this didn’t occur to me….until now….thanks for the new fear….

  11. I’m convinced that random shit purposely makes it way into your eyes even with glasses on. Like there’s a whole barrier protecting my eyes rn and this random job of juice from a crawfish managed to find its way into my eyeball??? You’ve got to be shitting me

  12. If you avoid glasses for this reason, you're banking on the remote possibility of something getting close enough to break your glasses but not close enough to hurt your eye without the glasses being there. I think the odds are much higher that the glasses will save your eye from something that would have hit your eye without them

  13. The whole acting dumb and immature and being rude to every one else isn’t as funny and as quirky as you think it is. And you’ll have major cringe moments about it 5 years from now.

  14. They’re always so dark. It makes me feel like I need to turn the brightness up but I literally can’t. Especially scenes that are already dark and take place in the dark then add the dark filter to it and I cannot see anything. Like the new black panther. Those first few scenes that took place in the dark. Couldn’t see a damn thing. I hated it

  15. I used to have of of these servers. He’d always come up and say don’t sit him, or make a table for himself that he didn’t actually get. It put me in a tricky spot bc if I seat him, he’d get mad and bitch and complain. If I skip him the next server would get mad and bitch and complain bc it wasn’t their turn. If the server who asked to be skipped had like no tables, or one or two that were already taken care of and we weren’t busy and they wanted to be skipped bc they were basically trying to be lazy and just wanted to watch YouTube videos, I’d sit them. Maybe even double sit them. Sometimes I’ll skip a server just to be nice, but the only time I really take the “don’t skip me” into consideration is if they genuinely seem stressed, busy, behind, having a bad day, just not on top of their game today

  16. My man isn’t afraid to get a little blood on the sword but it’s something i’m personally not comfortable with. I’m down to do it on lighter days and if there’s no clots, but other than that it’s a no from me. Buttttt I also feel like you need to respect that be doesnt want to do that bc he finds it gross? Like periods aren’t gross bc it’s an natural thing that happens but it’s understandable to feel off putting towards it. I’m sure you have your limits when it comes to sexual things that I’m sure he understands you don’t wanna do, don’t feel comfortable doing. So I think you need to understand or accept that he doesn’t want to do that when you’re on your period.

  17. I wasn’t a fan of it but I also couldn’t stop watching it. I watched it in one day bc I just needed to know what would happen next.

  18. I don’t think it was ever mentioned?? They kept bringing up her death but never how. At first I thought a monster had killed her

  19. I once had a lady call and ask to place a reservation for “5 to 50 people” I had to clarify and make sure she said fifty and not fifteen. When I realized she did in fact mean five to fifty people we told her she needed to get a more accurate number and call back. Pretty sure like 7-14 people ended up showing up. Anytime customers come in saying they need a table for “a lot” or “like maybe 10 people, maybe 20 people, could be 25” we just tell them we need a more accurate number before we start moving tables together for that exact reason.

  20. My completely unfounded guess is that the monster is the normie kid. Tyler(??). Not sure if the monsters are purely genetic or if they can become monsters outside of genetics, but kid with an estranged relationship with his father, the sheriff, who also tragically lost his mother? Outcast in normie society? In gov-mandated therapy? Not phased by the weird Addam’s girl? “I believe you when no one else does”, comes off as super friendly? Stalks his dad on the field??

  21. I agree. At first I thought it was the long haired dude who drew the spider but then it cut to the scene of Tyler and his dad outside there house and I was like “hmmm” plusss why didn’t Tyler follow her into the woods?? Like he watched her run into them. If he was that concerned why didn’t he chase after her??

  22. It’s not the first time she’s done something like this. In an old laundry video she was folding their clothes and explained why one of the girls wears a certain type of underwear. It was a very personal thing and should have been kept out of the video. Mad weird

  23. I love using saniderm personally. It’s reassuring to have your tattoo protected during the first few days when it’s most vulnerable. It also made sleeping a lot easier without having to worry about blankets rubbing against it or accidentally scratching it in my sleep.

  24. Yeah I like having it covered especially since it’s right where my bra would go. So I don’t have to worry about it really rubbing or getting irritated. I didn’t sleep on that side though bc I was too paranoid lol

  25. you can get it wet! its honestly quite difficult to take off lmao so you'll be good! if you feel weird about it you can take it off 3 days in, but imo it really helps to keep it on

  26. Okay thank you! I showered yesterday and it looked like water had gotten in it but it looks fine today? Idk that worried me bc idk if it’s normal orrr. But I assumed it’s okay since he told me I can keep it on. I’m def gonna try to keep it on for the recommended time bc it’s really convenient and easy to maintain

  27. I watched one video of her doing laundry for an hr bc I was curious and the entire thing was very chaotic. 10/10 would not recommend

  28. It’s petty and kind of in professional but sometimes I just don’t bring them menus. Like if I see them walk in and seat themselves I won’t bring them menus til they’re ready to order or until their server comes up asking me why their table doesn’t have menus. Or sometimes I’ll just quietly walk up to the table and leave menus and walk away. I don’t say a word. No “your server will be right with you” or anything.

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