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  1. This is completely off topic but why abbreviate it to K2 when you can just type KK

  2. One's a mountain, the other is a typo away from from being a white supremacist group

  3. It's for the safety of the passengers and cabin crew - just imagine what would happen if someone were to sneak, say, a tiger onto the plane?

  4. Well done to the BBC for giving a platform for "it was a man-made heat dome created by aeroplanes" stupidity. I hadn't heard that particular load of nonsense, but now have thanks to its inclusion in the article - the "misleading" marker for the image doesn't offset making it available to a wider audience.

  5. If Live TV taught me anything, it's that women can play darts, midgets can be weather forecasters, and Tiffany's big city tips weren't wise investments.

  6. Mankind would sooner perish than kowtow to outrageous alien demands for this McNeal ... whoever he is. Am I right?

  7. Ok, please Prove it that it is wrong?

  8. If that's your counter argument, we're done here - me not being bothered to put the time and effort into finding your password isn't proof that your way of doing things is secure, and does nothing to address the points I mentioned about distribution and other weaknesses which could be indirectly exploited.

  9. I say it again, what is happening if the salt is more than 32-chars long?

  10. Didn't they just say they have confidence in him the other day? "If you have so much confidence, why not put him on the ballot?"

  11. No, they torpedoed the Labour request for the confidence vote to be in the government with Johnson named specifically, and replaced it with their own vote of confidence in just the government, to avoid having to say they have confidence in Johnson.

  12. It is a postal ballot, yes. Not due to demographic though, it’s probably cheaper than developing a secure online platform for something that happens infrequently.

  13. I really think the Tories have missed a trick here - think of the billions they could funnel into their mates' pockets to develop an online platform for this, only to mothball it before it ever goes live because it's not actually secure.

  14. If you're talking Nuxt 2, Vuetify works very nicely with it, and is one of the UI options when using the project generator. Likewise PrimeVue, although that's not a default UI option during setup.

  15. Can we ship him off to a different country? That would help to significantly reduce the amount of hot air plaguing the country.

  16. Nowhere near the same stakes in the games, but Maitland Niles was/is always far too calm for my liking!

  17. I was going to make a dad joke about her being taller than you think, but actually it looks like she would be the most vertically challenged PM too, coming in at 5ft3 to Spencer Perceval's lofty 5ft4.

  18. Good article, surprised that the BBC wasn't named as one of the enablers. Didn't enjoy reading this part though, it's a chilling thought for the future:

  19. There’s a few characters like that that are named but never actually shown. Either they’re just talked about or talked to off panel. Like Roslyn’s boyfriend Charlie who I think is only ever shown being talked to on the phone.

  20. Open a Twitter account and post a complaint on there, tagging British Gas in to the tweet. They'll sort the problem out far more quickly if it's out in the public space, even if you've got no followers.

  21. My guess would be that despite being blindingly obvious who it's about, it's just vague enough to avoid action - it doesn't name the individual, so could be wriggled out of by claiming it meant "keeping them out of number 10 by never inviting them", and was referring to someone who has been charged as being an antisemite.

  22. Life goes on sure but WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH THIS TOAST DAD?!

  23. There's nothing we can do, sorry - it can't be saved, it's well beyond repair...basically, it's toast.

  24. Milliband didn't even need to get into power to cause chaos, this is clearly the fault of the would-have-been former Labour government.

  25. Well maybe they should start to take it into account because stuff like that you see nearly everytime beeing on a waterslide xD

  26. As a software developer though surely you have some sympathy for issues where "the user would never do that, it's nigh on impossible and utterly stupid to do that even if they got in that situation", right?

  27. It's actually because they used to use the lizards' skin for computer monitors. You know how some of them can change colour? Scientists figured out how that worked and put it to use in a screen. You see how bumpy a lizard's skin is though? That's why all old TV and computer games look so blocky.

  28. Mate if people didnt like Santi Cazorla, I'd question their passion for football

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