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  1. I wish the top part on it was clear. Almost got one for my stormy p6pro.

  2. There's another color option where the entire case is clear. Solid case, I have it on my P6 rn

  3. Isn't this the campus that you can get practically anywhere in 15 minutes? Just walk lol

  4. Wow they really hid this setting. I've had it turned off but I'll turn it back on and give it a try for a bit. Thanks!

  5. Is it your wallpaper you've chosen? Depending on the color that you've picked based on your wallpaper certain backgrounds can look different

  6. Damn I'm in love with the silos and I can't wait to see what they do with them. Would love to live in them, good thing I'll be too broke to even consider it

  7. This sucks to hear. It's been my dream to open up my own diner, but I don't have anywhere near enough experience or money to make it happen. Hopefully someone else can turn it into something great and help out the owner.

  8. Also, if you haven't taken a Buffalo River boat tour, you really should. Gives great insight and a different perspective on these "eyesores"

  9. They're a pretty huge part of what made Buffalo what it is today. An enormous part of our history and some really cool structures to showcase the lives of the people here before us. Why wouldn't you want to celebrate that?

  10. Unfortunately a 2012 focus with the garbage dct. Except I drive it kinda hard and it's actually pretty fun, I hope it just holds up in the long run...

  11. Fuuuuck this is heartbreaking, these old silos are one of my favorite parts of downtown. So much history

  12. I'm fully aware my quality of life would be a lot worse than it is today, but sometimes I daydream about living in this time. Just seems so cozy...

  13. Damn really thought this was an announcement about another brewery opening up

  14. Cosmetic microtransactions in Free to Play games = Good. I like hats and I like free stuff.

  15. Idk about that first statement man, just take a look at the Halo subreddit...

  16. How do I post on the Buffalo subreddit? It’s giving me such a fucking issue trying to post one question.

  17. Go to desktop mode and pick a flair. It won't let you post without a flair. This annoyed me for the longest time too

  18. I was in NYC for ComicCon 21. The entire city requires you to have a proof of vaccination or a PCR test that is less than 72 hrs old, or no entry to ANYWHERE. It worked fine. It has been a month and there was no news of a super spreader event, ergo, it worked.

  19. If businesses like this continue to defy mask mandates we're gonna be at mandatory vaccines quicker than they think. And then we'll see how their business really fares. I'm all for it

  20. That's exactly what I said. Your quote says nothing about private businesses, idk why you'd think you have any right to walk into any business at any time. Are you saying it's unconstitutional that Vice implemented a dress code earlier this year?

  21. After three hours of cooking some dope ass food, I chipped my tooth eating a crispy onion. I’m gutted.

  22. I chipped my tooth with a fork on Thanksgiving a number of years ago, I was so shocked when it happened but it's nbd

  23. I work at a school and have worn a mask for 8 hours a day 5 days a week through this whole pandemic. I forget it's there most of the time. People are being way too dramatic.

  24. Is your hand ok? As someone who's dealt with nerve damage I got queasy when you weren't able to feel it

  25. Um, how exactly is fatness a minority status if over 70% of Americans are overweight or obese?

  26. Only infinifats are privileged enough to be a minority

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