Was I drugged by him?

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  1. It's always the women who call their husbands hubby that are this fucked up

  2. Although I agree, this is not even remotely close to a murder. There's no own here at all

  3. How is the writing still easily misinterpreted as Wattpad plagiarism.

  4. Whadya mean that's actually Walter Heisenberg played by Bryan White

  5. I reserved mine about a month ago, I can expect it in Q4 2022. That means October-December. With my luck it'll probably ship right around New Year. :P

  6. Not only is that quite obvious that he drugged you, any guy who says "you're giving me blue balls" is a fuckin manchild who doesn't deserve any sexual attention.

  7. I think the worst of it is definitely it other countries. Genocide and whatnot

  8. i still dont get it, why do people want to see batgirl so bad and why does everyone care so much about it being tossed, am i missing something?? last time i remember people caring about a dc movie was like 4 years ago but suddenly we all care about mf batgirl of all characters?

  9. Dark Souls 2 was great but aside from the DLC's the games world felt wack, plus it's a ton of linear paths where Dark Souls has a mind blowing world design.

  10. I played scholar of the first sin. I bought the souls trilogy on disc.

  11. I've never seen someone so categorically wrong about something so factual, and then hold that line to the end.

  12. Rather than hating her, I feel sorry. How can a person dislike water? Water is not a drink, it's the key ingredient of all we know as living.

  13. It was free at the wheel a few weeks ago. I won it! It’s a nice car.

  14. I got back into GTA right when the lucky car was the Dinka Sugoi, I even googled Nissan 370z in GTA V and only mods came up. I'm glad it's here I'm gonna buy it when I get home

  15. No, it makes me wanna keep going. Overcoming obstacles makes memories. Plowing through every enemy doesn't

  16. You haven't played Farcry 4? That game is incredible, tied with 3 for best story in the series for sure.

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