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  1. To make an announcement when she turned 18 leads me to believe he had an alert set on his phone or a giant hourglass set up on his desk and watched the last grain of sand fall with his dick in his hand. So fucked up that he's doing this and proudly sharing it with the world. Yeah it's legal, but it is also proof he was grooming a minor. And who the fuck was asking themselves who Donell Audio was dating? Why would he proudly share this with the world? Any publicist would take a giant swig of vodka, look in the mirror at a familiar face that they no longer recognize and tell him not to make any announcements until the girl was at LEAST 22.

  2. Nothing in particular, I just get in these weird moods where I hate myself and feel completely insignificant and like I’m super dispensable.

  3. Sean Evans as a supe called "The Hot One!" or "The Carolina Reaper!"

  4. too far dumbass, there's a thin line between being fresca chill and getting SWAT raided in your basement

  5. The pizza's gonna get cold, Waltuh. Eat it now or somebody else will, Waltuh.

  6. if u could have hot steamy gay sex with any of the male characters in the show who would it be

  7. Police agent counting people replying to this post and writing them down

  8. No, that would be called as offside, just like 95% of all other breaks toward the goal.

  9. no he didn't pass it to anyone he just "dribbled" the whole enemy team and walked it in

  10. Romania, moved to Italy 15 years ago, meet a lot of hard working people who come from poor countries to get a better life

  11. very unlikely but some of his sperm could stick to the bath tub walls > the next person goes in and fills the tub to relax in > his stuck cum is now in the water > the cum infused bath water enters that woman's vagina and reaches her oviduct where a sweet happy egg is waiting to be fertilized > fertilization > baby > problems

  12. I think tom holland would be perfect as jimmy mcgill maybe even cast zendaya as a love interest and ryan reynolds as his older brother

  13. no jacob would play an antagonist maybe call him gus and maybe the actor in dune or the rock can play marco

  14. Like the outcome or not, when you elect to work with a cartel, the mafia, etc. you at the very least should understand that death is a possible outcome. I liked Werner. He was a decent man. But for a large sum of money he willingly got in bed with a crime lord, then crossed him.

  15. People conveniently forgetting Howard literally held Kim prisoner in a cage and forced her to cook meth 🀨

  16. uc/ he did have a very toxic relationship with kim, he never gave her enough praise and he punished her by sending her to work in a shitty place because of jimmy's mistakes, he never deserved what they did to him though

  17. holy chicanery, dude i didn't understand this joke in the slightest until i read ur comment bravo

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