1. Fully remote gang be like... Well hello beautiful as they look in the mirror

  2. Yeah but where did you meet them? And where did they meet their network of all those people? I’d love to have a big network of people to hang out with

  3. I'ma guess school, work, or introduction. That's the majority of it that isn't apps.

  4. Why is it always shareholders. Are shareholders the new “landlords”

  5. yum, with tall glass of grape juice I hope?

  6. Nah member, they never had no juice. They had drank. Sugar, water, purple. Grape drank. Classic Chappelle skit before y'all think I'm racist.

  7. If weasel family expect maximum violence.

  8. I love Sam K and I never saw this! I hope this was real and he's roasting her in hell lmao. RIP

  9. The pure innocent happiness emitted from this moment can be felt trillions of galaxies away both back and forward in time.

  10. Brick Top : You're always gonna have problems lifting a body in one piece. Apparently the best thing to do is cut up a corpse into six pieces and pile it all together.

  11. How does this math actually work though? If every woman has 45 is she just having sex with virgins? Cause if it's 45 dudes each there'd be serious overlap and the men would also have a lot of different partners.

  12. its almost like men have less sex and the women are just banging the top dudes over and over in a carousel

  13. I'm thinking 30% of the people I work with maybe, their entire job seems to be scheduling meetings and grooming backlogs lmao.

  14. Maybe he is waiting for Stephen King to tweet something about it so Musk can then ask him if he'd be ok with $14.99.

  15. I simply said this was not funny. I did not defend her but I do feel sympathy for her. The same sympathy I would feel for anyone in such a distressed state--drugged, alcoholism, drug addiction, physical illness, mental illness, injury or whatever.

  16. I don't pity addicts, we all make choices. You don't gotta kill yourself. But sure I guess.

  17. What a terrible outlook. Who hurt you? You’d rather see people die than get help?

  18. The point was to highlight how important it is to let people in and show that lesson being taught and used for character development. In the games this is more clear since the love story ended with hate and death and sadness to show the bad outcome, but they decided to change it to be not as depressing while still showing the same lesson in the show. While it was different than the other episodes I think they did a great job with it and it certainly differentiates it from just another zombie show

  19. I don't need to be preached at in a zombie show, just show me zombie shit.

  20. Then don’t watch? There’s a million boring zombie shows that’s just “ooh scary zombies” it sounds like that would be better for you. The last of us is more than that and if you don’t like it then don’t watch it

  21. Well it is more than that. They were so good in the first 2 episodes, then just an hour of nothing that goes nowhere? Are those dead guys gonna come back and play some pivotal role later? Oh no they died, so that's what I'm saying it was pointless they could have even spent half the episode on that and then still drove the plot forward. Don't act like some gatekeeper to high cinema, a show can have a shit episode and still be good. I just wish they didn't waste 75 minutes on that.

  22. Oh yea ive dated women my own age who are just as bad

  23. My brother and I are late 20s, he got a random dating app message like, yo it's been fun talking yada yada let's meetup. At like midnight one night, we chilling on the couch. He's like well there's a bar up the road from my that's about half way, let's do that. She googled it and said, "ugm well that place looks like a dive and I'm kinda upset you'd even suggest it or assume I'd go to a place like that". It was midnight, and it was just a typical bar. He just roasted her for being a gold digger and unmatched her. She was 32 lmao.

  24. When I was in my mid-20s, I was chatting with a woman in her 30s from a dating app. We swapped numbers, she called me immediately and took control of the conversation. I didn’t get any words in, she hardly had time to breathe from how much she spoke. She kept talking from 8p-4a, I wanted to be polite because back then I was desperate for companionship (not desperate to get laid), when I had to take control and tell her I needed sleep, we could talk more over dinner, I offered a decent restaurant and she had the gall to say I couldn’t afford her.

  25. Bahahahahahahaha. The thing is whoever I fall in love with idc if I spoil her to death, but don't have the expectation. Why would you? It's really not important. I come from humble blue collar family, and we never knew we didn't have a lot. We could eat and we had each other, we literally were happy and my sister and I never knew the difference. Now it's a meme cuz I live still super humble and nobody would know for my age I make a shit ton. I'd be happy to provide for my girl for whatever she needed or wanted but I would also hope she would still want me if I didn't have that financial security or if I lost it. Idk I'm a naive person, I choose to believe that's possible lol.

  26. I love when people can own the fact that their baby is ugly. (or their sibling's baby)

  27. I agree! It's so annoying and overplayed for people to just 'omg so cute' to every damn baby. I'm sorry some babies are just not cute, and it takes away from the super fuckin cute ones that I just wanna cuddle all day long. I mean I'll still love the ugly ones but I ain't gonna gas lil bruh up like he's all that and a bag haha.

  28. I mean some of the best foreign food I've ever had came from the gnarliest spots, I probably ate street critter before and licked my plate clean without knowing. My sister though, unless she is Margot Robbie I could never.

  29. I'm saying.... I have a cousin by law/marriage not by any blood and I swear to the elder gods if she ever throws me a look I'm risking it all! She's into tall sports players though so I'ma go ahead and say (x) doubt on if that ever happens lmao.

  30. How to get free only fans for life, I'll say I lied honey now unlock me to VIP tier.

  31. I used to work almost exclusively with active and former military recruits.

  32. I think it makes these memes funnier because of how literal and true they are