1. Southwest regularly has flights that are under $200 each way. I’m about to head to PR for the third time, my flight prices have ranged from $280-320 (from Missouri).

  2. Thanks! Do you know if they actually follow up on the “I am a medicinal patient in the US” question?

  3. Do you think it’s possible to do a trip there $2000 or under? When I was looking at flights and resorts, everything seemed to add up to over $2000

  4. I’ve bought tickets from the Midwest to San Juan 3 times, they’ve ranged from $280 to $320 per person. How many days do you want to stay? I always aim to keep airbnbs or hotels under $150 per night, I found a really nice 3 bedroom house in Rincon for $115/night after fees which is a crazy deal, but if you look hard you can find great places at affordable prices

  5. He could've slowed down and got behind the guy being a dick

  6. The semi could have been needing to maintain speed due to being on an incline. Slowing down would mean eventually speeding up and that is not always easy for a semi truck

  7. They’ve extended the Real ID requirement for years because of covid, at least within the states

  8. Yeah, I didn’t choose the best title. I meant it as in the manufacturer is Japanese and sells it under that name in other countries. I’m probably a little confused 🫤

  9. I'm wondering how they pronounce it in Japan. Like the Q sound is nowhere in Japanese. Where would they even start?

  10. It looks like it was actually sold under the name Dualis in Japan but has since been discontinued in that market.

  11. Unpopular opinion but Victoria Justice has had at least two albums she’s mentioned/hinted at that haven’t come to fruition. Would love to hear a full length piece of work from her.

  12. Why did Victoria Justice never release any hits post-Nickelodeon? Does she just not want to release something then have it flop?

  13. I thought being an American was supposed to shield me from being exposed to all this Royal crap

  14. Places to go or to stay end of February that are fun, give off a good view of the city, and safe? It’ll be a small group of us just looking to explore and probably drink and hang out

  15. view, fun, safe. what's the budget? unlimited?

  16. It’ll be a weekend stay, 4 of us, ideally we’d like to find somewhere that’s not more than $150-$200 a night (we’ll have a car). I’ve never been to Miami, I’ll admit I don’t have a grasp on what things cost (food, drink, transportation etc), but we would try to keep things on the cheaper side if at all possible, or at least not end up in super expensive areas. We’d like to experience places that give a good feel of the city and culture more than anything, although we’re in no way against touristy stuff if something is recommended

  17. Huh, didn’t know that. This was a pretty out of the blue incident, she’s usually really good about using the litter box.

  18. The things we actually want in no particular order:

  19. Tour info!!!! That’s what I want the most. People fought for their lives to get tickets, the least they could do is give us information on the stage, seating, showtimes. Like ppl paid thousands of dollars and we don’t really even know what the stage setup is, aside from a general outline.

  20. Lol. I work in Topeka and live in Lawrence, but I do spend some time Topeka. It’s nice having some variety, there are more big box stores so I can do returns/pickups for stores that Lawrence doesn’t have (old navy etc). Also I’ve lived in lawrence for 10 years now, so it’s nice to just go somewhere new that I haven’t eaten at 100 times already. Yes, Topeka is pretty bland and there are certainly times I’ve felt unsafe, but I do enjoy myself there from time to time 🤷🏻‍♀️

  21. Sometimes the sever may ask you if you meant to tip or will ask if something is wrong. Be prepared to tell them it wasn’t a mistake

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