1. I agree with Baffins! I lived in Alaska for 4 years and dealt with -40F. The first year I had Sorel and my feet were always cold. Then I switched to Baffins and absolutely loved them.

  2. I was on BC to help with my chest and back acne - I would occasionally breakout on my face too. Since I’ve been off BC (for about 6 months), my chest and back acne are back but not dramatic or as bad as it used to be. I’ve also changed up my shower routine (shampoo/conditioner and then wash my body to remove any product that didn’t completely rinse off), which I think has helped. I haven’t really had any facial breakouts since being off BC but I now have a consistent facial routine that I never used to have (I’d go to bed with a full face of makeup on when I was younger - yikes!).

  3. I have 2 refrigerators. One in my house for food and whatnot and one in the garage just for drinks. Growing up all my rich friends had 2 fridges so I feel like I’ve officially made it.

  4. I have two full fridges and a mini fridge in my wet bar in the basement. The bar seats 10 people!

  5. I paid off my student loans, bought a new truck in 2020 and bought a house in 2021. I’m able to max out my retirement every year and still have money to live comfortably. I’m also looking at retiring early!

  6. The CDC is a joke now and honestly has lost a lot of credibility.

  7. Medication error: a close friend of mine accidentally prescribed someone 10x his normal lantus dose. It made it's way to the patient, and the patient died. The resident realized the mistake, talked to his PD, and submitted an event report on himself at his program directors recommendation. The hospital admin never even contacted him about the event.

  8. Kudos to your friend for writing an event report on himself! To me, that speaks volumes to the type of physician/person he is.

  9. Was not taught anything about labor & delivery or perioperative medicine but encounter it on a daily basis in practice. Understanding L&D well enough to be a useful team member hasn't been too difficult, but I still perioperative medicine to be a difficult area.

  10. Thank you. How is this the first mention, like 12 comments down? There’s either some serious optical illusion happening here or it’s at like 6 foot.

  11. The angle of the pic is definitely contributing but the ceiling is low - maybe like 8 feet high

  12. Your dog... is that a Rhodesian Ridgeback Rottweiler mix?

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