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  1. I think you already know the answer to this question.

  2. Depends on the caliber IMO. If it's a .40 they have fallen off value wise.

  3. I am still not seeing a coyote safety. Or am i missing something? Are we talking about the same part?

  4. Because I own a BMW and indicators are not fitted as standard. They swap them for a massive superiority complex and small-dick syndrome

  5. I think they may be part of the subscription program, like the heated seats.

  6. Because the street belongs to me an upstanding tax paying citizen. You should just know where am going and what am going to do, duh

  7. Release on Switch! Shut up and take my money!

  8. This thread really makes it seem as though the baby unicorn is a second independent body. Not an extension/part of it's mother. Is that the case?

  9. You are now on the easy setting. The HUD should update soon. You should also have a mission tracker in the start menu.

  10. The early bird gets the worm. Not anymore. The early bird get's to wait 30 minutes extra because no one wants to be punctual any more.

  11. The main stream media. Half of what they run is biased, the other half is inaccurate.

  12. Needmore Farm. I may be partial to our farm. But my wife makes some great soap. We are Needmore Farm, Not Needmore Farms with an s. LOL

  13. In NC only the seller needs to be notarized. So have your signature notarized Send him the title and then he can go to the DMV. I just asked this question to a person at NC DMV. This is the answer they gave me. (Have not actually done it) Good luck!

  14. It depends on if Frank killed John's dog or not.

  15. Stairs are stationary, escalators move. If these indeed are stairs, they are not "going" anywhere.

  16. Pedophiles. Que the reddit Pedo defenders.

  17. I would say, "that pedophiles are bad." But every time I do. Some weirdos come in and white knight for them.

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