1. It's a Large Yellow Underwing, Noctua pronuba.

  2. It's a manky mallard. A mixture of different breeds of domestic duck, which all originate from Mallard. As it's only one species it isn't a hybrid.

  3. Any idea why it would be in a residential pond in the UK?

  4. They escaped from where they were kept as an ornamental duck.

  5. The white stripe is too pronounced for LYU, it's either Six Striped Rustic or Square Spot Rustic. The two species are identical as caterpillars.

  6. Male Goldcrest crests are quite orange, the distinguishing feature to tell these two species apart is the white stripe above the eye. This one does not have that stripe so it's a Goldcrest.

  7. Yes the warmth caused it to emerge too early, it won't survive long enough to see another of its own kind. There's nothing you can do for it now, best to release it to let nature take its course.

  8. Angle Shades Moth. It needs soil to burrow in to pupate. If in doubt, release it to live its natural life.

  9. Thank you so much! It started eating again today, but I have received some soil so I can give it something to burrow into now (I made sure it's invertebrate safe soil, just in case). I will be releasing it when it emerges as a moth, since I didnt want it to die due to the cold.

  10. These are hardy, the cold doesn't bother it. They are also found in all of its stages all year so it won't matter when it emerges and the adult is fine with the cold too.

  11. Wrong time of year for any juveniles. This is them full sized.

  12. Differently abled is a term thought up by able-bodied people uncomfortable with the thought of disability. It's not a case of I've lost one thing but gained another, I've just lost something. It also avoids the fact that there are other things disabling us, society.

  13. I watched that episode of Red Dwarf, kill them now before they kill you.

  14. In my experience, planes always land at low altitude… that’s how they get on the ground.

  15. You're not wrong, but even for this airport that's a low approach.

  16. It’s a very beautiful animal. The scales alone look like a masterpiece. I’m probably going to get downvoted for this:

  17. I once had a Hog Island Boa that liked me and came to me when someone else got it out. No-one else could handle him because as soon as he saw me he put all of his effort into getting to me and wriggled so much they gave up and let him come to me. It wasn't a case of he wanted my heat because the person who had him was just as warm, and half the time he just hung out on the axle of my wheelchair which provides no heat.

  18. Don't they also eat like once every week or two? Honestly feels cheaper amd more convenient than my dog.

  19. A Snake this size may only eat a few times each year. But sourcing and buying the food becomes more difficult.

  20. The dog wasn’t even sitting shotgun…

  21. One of the Lymantria species but I'm not sure which.

  22. Looks like she bounced her head off the wall and the framing the door. That is most definitely the look of brain damage.

  23. i'm likewise not trying to harp on you, just want to say it's perfectly OK to just say "disabled" or "people/person w disability."

  24. Yeah disabled people generally don't like the term differently abled, disabled is the preferred word.

  25. That’s what healthcare needs…whimsy

  26. Are those urticating hairs? Does anyone know or am I gonna have to take one for the team and touch one to find out?

  27. Tarantulas are the only Spiders to have urticating hairs, which these are not.

  28. IDK what their common name is, but it's a Misumena vatia which can indeed change to match many flower colors for disguising themselves.

  29. Either Flower Crab Spider, or as above the Goldenrod Crab Spider are its English common names depending on which side of the Atlantic you are on.

  30. Angle Shades are found as caterpillars or adults year round, one of only a few moths to do so (here in Britain at least) so they are quite comfortable with the weather though the recent frosts may have made them find a warm spot to hide in for a few days.

  31. Wait.. what? I did not know that

  32. So are Redwing, Fieldfare, and Ring Ouzel so we have 6 resident Thrushes along with this and the Song and Mistle that have Thrush in their name. If you think about the shape of these together you can see they are all alike.

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