1. President Joe Biden resigns due to health issues.

  2. Oreo's and Lay's potato chips

  3. Probably the fact that we haven't wiped ourselves out.

  4. You can not change a SCOTUS decision. Only they can do that.

  5. You are correct. I did not put that in my answer.

  6. I disagree. The point of a military SHOULD be the defense of your lands. Sometimes that defense does require killing others. But it is not the primary focus.

  7. Not the primary focus? Then what's the point of all the machinery and weapons developed for one singular purpose and that's to kill your fellow man. I think you need to read up on some history and see what the primary job of a military is.

  8. All those "killing weapons" are what creates the deterrent. If you were going to pick on someone, would you rather pick on someone that has no weapons or the person that has a full arsenal of ways to kill you if you piss them off?

  9. I deserve a break today. McDonald's told me so.

  10. Asking this question is a strong start.

  11. Get an abortion. Oh, wait. Might not be true. Check your local laws.

  12. John Holmes is no longer special.

  13. Are you in a 2 story house? Is there a bathroom above you?

  14. Renders an impartial decision on any dispute.

  15. Full metal jacketed self-defense rounds for my guns. I haven't needed them yet and hope I never do. But they are there if I need them.

  16. It's funny, the only people I see talking about Bidens mental health also say that trump is in peak shape

  17. Compared to Biden, Trump is in great shape.

  18. Trump had always lied and denied it. That's weird.

  19. When you are in his position, yes they are.

  20. You need to read that case. It was not about Miranda rights directly. It was more about expanding civil liability under a specific US Code. The fact that the civil case involved Miranda rights was secondary.

  21. Anything that is part of a case before them.

  22. All answers to this question will be disputed by someone.

  23. It depends on your wishes and cultural norms.

  24. Being so closed minded to alternate opinions is not healthy.

  25. According to some, be white.

  26. Liberals only believe in the "Free Speech" that they agree with.

  27. I'm talking about _actual_ liberals, like, classical liberals, like the founding father type liberals. The 2nd amendment, due process, equal justice before the law, free speech, etc, are all actual liberal values.

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