1. Monster House deserved it so much imo

  2. For those wondering, yes, this has sent the Goldderby Best Actress threads into complete insanity, including one of the site’s most prominent users potentially being exposed for having an account who does nothing but attack and harass others as an alt 💀💀💀

  3. Please don’t tell me it was Wolfali

  4. Thankfully no, it was someone named Crabbie (who is also someone that trolls on the site seem weirdly fixated on attacking for no apparent reason)

  5. Oh man, that actually explains a lot, the person was just making themself as a martyr

  6. /uj I actually gradually adapted phcj lingo to my life to a point where even my friends are talking about "flop era", "reputation era" and "witness era"

  7. /uc what the fuck is "woman talking"?

  8. /uc It’s about a community of Mennonite (basically even more hardcore Amish) women who find out they’re being drugged and raped every night by their husbands, and then they have to decide whether they get their revenge on the men, escape from the community or stay. It’s actually based on a real life case where this happened.

  9. Ngl i don't really find muscles attractive

  10. Idk why people dislike Recipe for Turnabout, it’s goofy but it does being goofy well and Tigre is a great fittingly goofy villain.

  11. The only redeeming part for me is Viola Cadaverini and Maggey to an extent, the rest might legit be my second least favorite case in the series behind 6-4

  12. Probably should take a covid test because damn, you lost all taste.

  13. I'm not the one who likes 3-3

  14. As someone who dropped out of the series around Diamond/Pearl, I borrowed a copy of Sword last year and had fun. I liked cooking curry food for my Pokemons and them being super happy about it. :)

  15. If you want, give Black/White a chance, it’s where the series peaked for me (not nostalgia since I only started playing Pokemon recently)

  16. Geoffrey Rush in Shine. He’s not even in it that much and the younger actors playing the character do a better job portraying a real person. By the time Rush takes over it feels like the character is reduced to ticks and mannerisms.

  17. He's one of the weirdest sweeps of all time. Not only did he win all 4 precursors, he also won every single critic award in existence back then, save for National Society of Critics, who even more bizarrely awarded Eddie Murphy for The Nutty Professor instead. Tbh 1996 was the year everyone convinced themselves The English Patient was better than Fargo, so everyone was probably on drugs at the time

  18. She 1000% won that award because of her good year rather than that movie itself. She basically won for Ex Machina but godforbid we give a genre film an acting Oscar. Blegh!

  19. As we saw in BAFTA and Globes (both places where she was nominated for Ex Machina instead of The Danish Girl) she’d have lost to Kate Winslet, so I don’t think she feels too bad about frauding herself

  20. Alan Rickman for both Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Die Hard

  21. Robert Shaw in Jaws. It would've made total sense.

  22. Actually all 3 guys from Jaws would’ve made great nominees

  23. Yes she did, as a producer

  24. I definitely think Top Gun deserved a nod but I am glad we got Tár and Bardo noms (and that Khondji finally got a nomination!)

  25. Khondji already had a nomination for Evita (1996)

  26. In the end, Gone Chau wasn’t so gone

  27. I was wrong about plenty of things but I said from the beginning that Women Talking was being massively overestimated

  28. SAME! But it’s funny because I went from "stop overpredicting guys, no way it’s #1 for BP" to "guys, obviously it’s going to be a BP nominee, it’s the Adapted Screenplay frontrunner"

  29. babylon was in fact the house of gucci of 2022 with even worse box office.

  30. You were right in a lot of thing here, congrats

  31. Even as someone who liked Elvis more than most of this subreddit, it winning cinematography over All Quiet would be unspeakably awful, its cinematography was nothing of note

  32. Bardo and Empire of Light have no chance as it's their only nomination. Tár is also unlikely as it got no precursors and lacks other technical categories except for Editing (it's usually tied with a Production Design nom).

  33. I don’t think AQOTWF missing ASC means anything considering the probable ASC winner wasn’t even nominated here

  34. White feminism for the win. -_- It's like when white actresses get interviewed after doing yellowface and they are like, oh we are white feminists and we did it for a job! (*coughs in Tilda and Scarlett*). They can create whatever little narrative works for them.

  35. Not to disagree, but doing yellowface (a la Jennifer Jones in Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing and Luise Rainer in The Good Earth) and playing a character which was originally Asian (which is what Scarlett and Tilda did) are two different things

  36. Congrats man, all the downvotes you got were vindicated

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