1. Currently at JB Hunt dedicated account making roughly $1000 a week take home still in training straight out of school

  2. I thought the 2023 Corolla were getting the 2.0 standard and the 1.8 was going away?

  3. I made sure it’s connected properly and still slow. So I restarted the eero from the app and now my speeds are back to normal. Wouldn’t a faulty cable always give bad speeds? I assume I just had a lose cable. But if I did. Why did it fix only after rebooting?

  4. Send them the game case. Then sell them the game. The EA way.

  5. If you think she really called 911 I have a bridge for sale, opportunity of a lifetime

  6. There is nothing below jt. I tried to scroll and nothing is down there. I updated and no option to get iOS 16.

  7. I was never given an option to update to iOS 16. Even after downloading 15.7. I’m confused.

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