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  1. Barehanding the edge. It doesn’t look sharp but I wouldn’t dare lol.

  2. They would never sell this shirt at Dan flashes. Not nearly complicated enough.

  3. I've got a family farm in Somerset county. But everyone I invite says it's too far. I live in Pikesville. I made my own dueling tree too BTW.

  4. I was like “how is somerset too far?” I’m not originally from the eastern shore and had no clue where pikesville was lol

  5. My fiancé and I always say how nice it would be to live around Gettysburg (honestly one of my favorite places ever), and I would have to of course do this.

  6. I just rewatched jaws and thought “I need to relisten to the Indianapolis episode”

  7. I hate dnd but imma give the show a try after reading this.

  8. Don’t expect DND at all. Think of it as like a fantasy sitcom with some dnd mechanics

  9. So whoever made this map has never been to the eastern shore of Maryland….it’s flat ground with tons of woods and farmland. Not a single hill or mountain like the west side of Maryland.

  10. As a FOH manager, my black servers even hate taking black tables. They know they’re going to be ran and make no money (in some occasions), but I teach all my servers just to do their best and not take anything personally.

  11. $150 in revenue my ass. It's $10 of ingredients tops. You burning a batch of creme brulee doesn't impact the restaurant's revenue in the slightest.

  12. This is huge. The chef at the restaurant I work at had three desserts lost due to what we think is server error. He said “that’s 24 dollars down the drain.” Like no. It’s 8 dollars MAYBE.

  13. Big piece without a doubt and an old break. Left one I’d almost wanna say yes, but hard to tell.

  14. Aside from the grumpy “don’t do stupid shit/help me avoid paperwork”,

  15. Probably like gift cards for food places, correct? I don’t know that I’d accept food from a random stranger. I’d rather be able to go buy it.

  16. Looks like home. That creek pool looks like the ideal swimming spot.

  17. I made it as a response to their call for t shirt art and sent it to them about 6 times but they don't want it 😅

  18. I think a shirt with a small version of the picture on the breast would be sick.

  19. I just know you’re supposed to size down. I’m worried 14 would be too big. I’m this weird middle ground with how shoes fit.

  20. Hello, Based Department? Uhhh you’re gonna wanna see this.

  21. Of course an sniper. He’s too big of a pussy to fight head on. Gotta be as far from combat as he can until he can get you tied up, ready for torture.

  22. remember when the invasion started and reddit was adamant that this was putin's one man war and those poor russians being sent to the frontline are innocent victims just like ukrainians? yeah

  23. The first week I was furious and was told I was being dramatic, that the soldiers were victims as well. I’ve stood by the fact that they all need to be burned alive. This only makes me believe that more.

  24. I got something similar. Literally took it 3 times because my results weren’t conclusive. Basically the “numbers” would indicate that I had heightened stress in regards to a certain question but not enough that they would say I lied about anything. That was interesting.

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