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  1. They didn't they installed the soap shoes dlc and a new frontiers app installed for some reason

  2. Tyvx says:

    He’s definitely not HERE rn tho

  3. Well no but it’s kinda a major boss fight

  4. Tyvx says:

    Damn that first episode was crazy

  5. That’s literally what this is referencing


  7. Definitely a carebear

  8. Why did u give sonic a dumpie?

  9. Why is this marked NSFW

  10. Timeline stuff or something

  11. Well at least airjitzu survives a little

  12. And I am all for that

  13. Bro dear father is underrated as hell

  14. It is sooo catchy I can't stop singing it! And so emotional, I almost cried listening to it😭

  15. Eh it’s not that way for me tho

  16. I mean I kinda expected it

  17. Idk spooky time traveler man

  18. Also screw all those people who try to ruin your progress

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