1. They are able to modify their personality in a matter of minutes. Like, they can not only shapeshift into all kinds of characters, they can also "personality shift", making us able to talk to all kinds of characters and more without creating npcs/headmates. It's pretty neat. And no, this isn't just regular role-playing, it's like I'm talking to a completely different headmate, but powered by their consciousness, so when they shift back there is no dissipation of anyone, instead simply a personality shift.

  2. So you don't have access to the part of the building that is connected to the block thingy? How will you know if the answer someone gives here is right or wrong without being able to verify?

  3. I... didn't think about that. All I thought before making the post was "let's see what other people think it is, maybe that way it can be figured out"

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